Justin Bieber Facts

50 Amazing Facts you should know about Justin Bieber

You sing and dance to his songs and you’ve probably gone crazy for his hair more than a few times, for sure you’re dying to know more about Justin Bieber facts and you can find them all here:

  1.  His real name is Justin Drew Bieber.
  2.  He was born on the 1st of March 1994 which means he just turned 17. He was spotted celebrating with rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez at an Italian restaurant.
  3.  Justin Bieber is Canadian.
  4.  The first time he set foot in the US he met Usher in Atlanta, Georgia.
  5.  His parents are Patricia Lynn “Pattie” Mallete and Jeremy Jack Bieber.
  6.  Mom Pattie was only 18 when she got pregnant with the boy wonder.
  7.  Justin’s parents separated soon after he was born and his mother was forced to raise him solo. Dad Jeremy remained in constant contact though and had visitation rights to the teen icon.
  8.  One of the most important Justin Bieber facts you should remember is that he is left handed.
  9.  He has several nicknames: J-Beebs, JB, Justin, Biebs, Beebs, and Bieber. You can add some of your own if you haven’t yet.
  10.  Justin is a devoted Christian.
  11.  While the whole world is amazed and in awe of JB’s musical prowess at such a young age, it didn’t really surprise his family. Music was in his genes right from the start – Dad Jeremy plays the guitar, Mom    Pattie had singing chops, and his grandmother was an extraordinary piano player.
  12. Justin is the only child of Jeremy and Pattie but his dad remarried and so he has siblings named Jazmyn and Jaxon.
  13. His first aspiration was to become a hockey player – an obsession most Canadian boys have.
  14. Before he was selling millions of records, one cool item in Justin Bieber facts say that he once promised his mom a house when he becomes a millionaire.
  15. Mom Pattie was hesitant to entrust his Christian son to Jewish manager Scooter Braun. But she did and the former music executive did not disappoint her.
  16. Justin loves the colors baby blue and purple.
  17. His father Jeremy was of German descent and Justin is proud that he can count to ten in German.
  18. To prove just how smart and talented Justin is, he can speak French which came from his mom Pattie’s side. Isn’t’ that one of the best Justin Bieber facts?
  19. Everything started early for the Bieber including dating and getting his first kiss – at the age of 13!
  20. His YouTube account kidrauhl was managed by his mother. According to her, she posted video clips of Justin singing so that friends and relatives can watch some of the music contests Justin joined in.
  21. Currently residing in Atlanta because that is where his music label’s studio is, one of the most well known Justin Bieber facts is that he was born and raised in Stratford Ontario, Canada.
  22. Justin’s favorite TV show is Smallville.
  23. He plays several musical instruments: drums, piano, guitar and trumpet. Among them, he only had formal training in playing the drums. The rest he learned all by himself.
  24. 6 is Justin’s favorite and lucky number. He loves it so much he even included it in his signature.
  25. He loves spaghetti and other Italian food.
  26. He lists Usher, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Boys II Men as his favorite singers and his biggest influences in music.
  27. He is a skilled basketball player, recently winning the 2011 NBA All Star Celebrity Game MVP award. He also loves to play it on video games like NBA 2K which is one of the most well known Justin Bieber facts.
  28. He really loves sports especially hockey. He even played for the Atlanta Knights just before going on a concert tour. His jersey number was 18.
  29. He went to public schools in Canada and is currently homeschooled because of his hectic schedule.
  30. He has two best friends: Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers. Ryan appeared in the music video of “One Time”, one of the biggest hits of his debut album.
  31. He offered to sing one of Usher’s songs to Usher himself the first time they met in Atlanta but the R and B singer brushed him off and told the youngster to go inside instead because it was getting cold. It would later become a joke between the two of them as Usher did sign him up under his own record label. It’s seldom told in Justin Bieber facts.
  32. He loves video games. He owns a Sony Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360.
  33. He lists the Cleveland Cavaliers his favorite NBA team and the Maple Leafs as his hockey team.
  34. He has a huge crush on Beyonce and once asked to date Rihanna and Alexa Chung. The Bieber did not get lucky and he was turned down.
  35. He has a tutor who travels around with him. This is because despite being a big celebrity, his parents still want him to finish school.
  36. Despite being separated, one of Justin Bieber facts that is so cool, his parents are standing by him in all his endeavors both as a musician and as a growing up teen.
  37. Justin has a Papillion dog which he named Sammy.
  38. His favorite drink is vitamin water.
  39. One of his first videos posted in YouTube was a cover of Ne-Yo’s song “Because of You”. There was a scene that clearly showed a scar below his right eye. He explained that it was caused by a branch that hit his face while he was out in the bushes hiking with a friend. It’s one of the gems among Justin Bieber facts.
  40. He posted in MySpace that he wanted to become a traveling minister one day and help spread the gospel all over the world.
  41. Before Justin Bieber started recording, two giant musicians battled it out for the rights to sign him under their respective labels: Usher and Justin Timberlake. Usher’s offer eventually won out over Timberlake’s and the rest as they say is history.
  42. There are a lot of kids who travel young but Justin’s first trip outside Canada was really special. He was flown to Atlanta for an audition and an eventual contract signing with Island Def Jam Records. Seriously, how many kids do you know who fly out somewhere to become a superstar musician?
  43. One of the many Justin Bieber facts you probably didn’t know is that JB is claustrophobic. It’s a good thing then that he can afford to buy a big house.
  44. One of the closest celebrities to him is singer Taylor Swift. It’s only a matter of time when they get on a music project together.
  45. He prefers using a Mac over a PC.
  46. He also loves to watch movies listing the following as his top favorites: Saving Private Ryan, Step Up, You Got Served, and Cars.
  47. He loves cherry cheese cake.
  48. One of the weirdest jokes made about Justin Bieber was that he is a 51 year old pedophile disguised as a teen singer.
  49. Justin says his mom Pattie is such a horrible driver. It’s why he can’t wait to have his own license and buy a Dodge Charger – his dream car.
  50. Least well known among Justin Bieber facts is that the singing sensation can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than two minutes. It just shows how brilliant his mind really is.