Justin Biebers New Haircut Pictures in 2012

Great news to all Beliebers, looks like Justin Bieber changed his hairstyle back to his old shaggy haircut “the fringe” . Who wouldn,t want to see those adorable hairflips again. This is absolutely good news to all those disappointed and surprised fans when Justin chopped off his old hairstyle. Check out the photos below where he was spotted during a lunch date with Selena Gomez

Pictures of Justin Biebers New Haircut

Justin Biebers New HaircutJustin Biebers New Haircut Today

Raise your hand if you find Justin Bieber new haircut cute and adorable. Oh no! Why do I see so few hands? Come on Beliebers! We all vowed to stay loyal to J-Beebs no matter what happens. Oh well, I understand the indecision. We’ve all been used to seeing him sport the fringe hairstyle or what he calls “the bieb” that it never crossed our minds that he would try to change his looks.


Everyone knows the saying right? Don’t fix something that ain’t broken! There’s nothing wrong with Justin’s hair, we all know that. Maybe we should blame his hairstylist. Maybe she got tired of keeping his hair the same way over and over again. But wait. There must be a story how Justin Bieber haircut came to be. And that’s what we should find out first.

TMZ was lucky enough to get exclusive coverage of that life changing moment for all Beliebers. We were not forewarned otherwise there would have been at least an online survey to let us have a say on what would happen to those magnificent locks of his. The only sign of the impending makeover came as a tweet – “thinking about getting a haircut…hmmmmmm”, which appeared only about two hours before the scissors did their thing which brought about Justin Biebers Haircut into this once calm and peaceful world.

J-Beebs was apparently shooting a music video with country group Rascal Flatts when he decided to go for a new look. Reports say that our idol actually felt nervous doing it. Oh! How sweet! See that Beliebers? Our man Justin really loves us! That’s why he got worried about cutting his hair that he knows we all go crazy for! But still he went for it saying he wanted to change it up and that he thought Justin Biebers new haircut was kind of a mature look.

Come to think of it, he does look more like a grown up now compared to his old look. Let’s just be brave for once Beliebers and face the truth no matter how we feel about it. We all love him the first time we set eyes on that cute face of his – which belonged to a boy, a really beautiful boy. And that boy is ready to become a man soon so we should give him a break.

Justin Bieber Haircut

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17 Responses

  1. Karla flores says:

    I LOVE YOU Justin Bieber I wish I meet you :(:)

  2. Karla flores says:

    I love u

  3. amirah says:

    i have bieber fever love you justin

  4. Mila says:

    I love you justin i i wish we can meet i love you so me and i cry for you <3 XD :"(

  5. martha says:

    Only i`m 9 i wish i was your age:( i wonder how it feels like being 17 0r 18 well i don`t know 🙁

  6. ROSA-LEE says:


  7. jessica says:


  8. maria dwyer says:

    hi justin bieber i love you so much i have alot of your stuff like your posters or books and bracelets and shirts to!I love you so much i wish i was one of your friends but i bout that will ever happen!! o i forgot to tell you that i love singing to i watchor movie all the time and listen to your music and watch you on the ellen show all the time and i want to meat you so so bad im inbarest to say this but sometimes i cry because i want to meat you. well thanks for reading justin <3
    i love your hair cut by the way 🙂

  9. Niamh says:

    OMG Justin I love your new haircut I am crazy about you I have got really bad Bieber Fever and I wish that “Someday” I could meet you xxxx <3

  10. Niamh says:

    You are the guy I dream about every day and night , you are the guy that keeps me alive, you are the person that inspires me to make the best out of my life,you are my world, my life, my hero! Xxxxxxxx. <3

  11. Niamh says:

    I have everything with you on . I have all of your books over 60 posters of you I have your perfume and bracelets and tattoos and stationary and even clothing me and my best mate love you .I hate it when people say hurtful stuff about you only out of jealousy x and I love your new haircut ! Screw all the haters I love you! xxxxxxXXxxxxxxxxXXxxxxxxxxxxXXxxxxxzx

  12. meme says:

    this hair cut is so ugly his old hair in 2012 better

  13. Eva says:

    Hi justin bieber im only 11 but i wish to be 18 or 17 like my brother is 18 and i have 11 pictures with u on my wall and 2 t-shirts with u and a t-shirt that says Team Bieber so cool and do u live in Canada?and are u going to do a concert in Ireland?i live in Ireland but im polish and is Selena Gomez pregnant.

  14. Frankie Warren says:

    I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER SO MUCH!!! I know i might sound like a crazed fan but hey, i am a girl and i have the fever! I wish i could meet him in real life! It would be the best thing ever, actually i would probably pee myself and die. I listen to his music all the time and i wish i was one of his friends!

  15. patienceee says:

    hey justin biebeer I luv yuu xx can i marry yuu plz selena gomez is soo ugly she dont need yuu i need yuu?xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. samantha says:

    iloveyou justin and ihavea crush on youuu!!!
    mynumberis xxxxxxx call me@3:00afterschool tomrrow
    ok sexyboy iloveyouuu!!!

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