Justin Bieber follows Selena on Instagram! Are they getting back?

Fans of Jb and Selena Gomez couple were given a chance of hope as Justin followed Selena Gomez Instagram account on June 6, 2016. Is this a spark of a possible reunion?  Or will they remain friends? The two celebrity have been in an on and off again relationship in the past couple of years.  Just recently Selena Gomez was spotted together with Newark Jr. Will Gomez dump Newark for Bieber?  That we will have to wait and see.

After, someone noticed the instagram change Fans went crazy.  I a few weeks ago Justin posted a picture of him and Gomez with the caption “Feels”.

We can fairly say their is some remnant of desire between the two star.  As can be seen in a 2014 interview where Justin couldn’t control himself from crying over their breakup.

Fans are hopeful, and we will be there so stay in touch. If nothing comes to fruition between the two a lot of girls are lining up for Bieber not that he already is an established millionare with a networth of  200 million as is still growing as he just released his own emoji app – Justmoji. So,what are you waiting for Selena?

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