Justin Bieber Releases his own Emojis App – Justmoji! Is it worth your 3$?

Justin Bieber has lately been surprisingly expressive with how he feels. With the release of his new app – Justmoji, fans can now share and express their own feelings with JB’s playful emoticons. On June 3, 2016 the multi-awarded performer launched Justmoji, allowing fans to get a lot of emojis in various forms.

justin bieber emoji crying

The emojis displays various animated art of Justin, including JB showing his 6 pack abs, iconic photos turned emojis, a “No Photo sign, Bieber shouting “ I gotta pee”.. The app also allows fans to share stickers of Biebster, together with a meme generator for unique and personalize messages.

Justin Bieber Justmoji

Emoji apps have been a big hit recently among celebrities with Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji at the top. This will add to JB’s enormous assets, as this endeavor can be worth millions. Can loyal Beliebers help Justin surpass The Kardashians famous app? It’s not farfetched as millions of loyal fans are always there to support the hit maker. You can download the Justmoji app exclusive in Itunes, android support will come later.

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