How Old is Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber’s Age in 2012

The simple matter of determining an individual’s age is usually done by asking when he or she was born. A straightforward answer is usually enough to get to the conclusion but all of that can change in a snap if the question goes something like this, “How old is Justin Bieber now?”
The Canadian singer turned 17 on March 1, 2011 so he will be turning 18 in 2012 and using simple math, it’s easy to deduce the year he was born which was in 1994. He was discovered on YouTube in 2007 by Scooter Braun a former music executive who introduced him to the R and B singer Usher who signed Justin Bieber to a record deal in 2008. This lightning quick rise to stardom has not only spawned millions of fans worldwide but also attracted the ire of critics and detractors who make a big deal about the issue Justin Bieber Age.
The phenomenal success of the teen sensation often comes under fire from people who want nothing more than to see Justin Bieber fail. Because of his young age, his every move is scrutinized as if everyone is waiting for him to make a mistake or do something illegal. The media often capitalizes on this and make parodies and spoofs which Justin Bieber supporters see as tasteless.
Many people don’t really care about what the young singer feels about these issues. For them even an innocent question like “how old is Justin Bieber in 2012?” is not safe from criticism and insults. They believe it’s the price of fame; something even a young boy needs to learn to live with.
How Old is Justin Bieber Today?
The question “How old is Justin Bieber right now?” is supposed to be an easy one to answer. Unfortunately this only applies to regular folks who only need to blurt out the dates of their birth and everything is settled. For a young lad enjoying tremendous fame and fortune, ordinary rules just won’t cut it.
Born in Canada on March 1, 1994, Justin Bieber recently turned 17. It’s been four years since a former music company executive named Scooter Braun first saw his videos posted on YouTube. This was in 2007. In 2008, the singing sensation signed a record deal with well renowned R and B singer Usher who’s also a producer. It all happened so fast that his rise to fame was followed by millions all over the world. Sadly though, critics as well as haters also flocked and even hinted something malicious about how old is Justin Bieber.
The sensational climb to stardom made the headlines and it did not take long for people who dislike Justin Bieber to attack the boy. All they cared about was for him to fall flat on his face and ultimately fail. All eyes were on him as critics waited to have a field day once he is caught doing something nasty or if he breaks the law. This attention became hot subjects for media spoofs and parodies which fans hated because they weren’t done in good taste at all.
Believing that it’s the just price for fortune and fame, some people couldn’t care less as to how all these issues affect the singer. They don’t care whether making fun of a simple query like “how old is Justin Bieber?” hurt his feelings or not. All they care about is his downfall which isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

How Old is Justin Bieber Today?

A simple question like “How old is Justin Bieber?” can be answered in a jiffy with no fuss at all. But knowing how big a star this young lad is easily complicates matters. It’s just not enough to say his date of birth and age.
He recently celebrated his 17th birthday on the first of March which marks 1994 as the year he was born. He is a Canadian native who got famous through his singing performances posted on YouTube in 2007. It was through his videos that Scooter Braun, a former music label executive, discovered the face behind the name and voice of Justin Bieber. Usher, the R and B singer, took the kid under his wings and officially gave him a record deal in 2008. It was a true whirlwind success story which attracted fans by the millions globally. Unfortunately, it also flushed out haters and critics who attacked everything including how old is Justin Bieber.
Justin’s rise to fame became both a boon and bane to his young singing career. He became a hit almost overnight which didn’t sit well with detractors. They decided to watch him like a hawk and waited for him to make a mistake or get entangled with authorities. This led to media and some shows to spoof and make parodies of Justin Bieber. Of course, fans reacted with disdain.
The seemingly benign question asking “how old is Justin Bieber?” is not spared from intrigue and negative issues by people who dislike the young singer. And why should they? When all they really want is to see the certified superstar come crashing down to earth.

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