Video Interview: Justin Bieber Talks Y100 performance and best thing in 2012

Justin discusses about his new found skill in basketball. How he has remained grounded and thankful to his fans and how he still feel blessed about his fame and fortune. He was also ask about a possible collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Jb answered, that would not be possible, he thinks they have their own thing and different fanbase. He also shared about what is the best and worst thing in 2012. Justin thought getting his ferrari was the best thing for him in 2012. The interview was cut, he said he was too tired.

Interviewer: basketball skills, how good have they gotten? You’ve been playing a lot of ball

JB: Yes, Definite my basketball skill have improve. I’ve been playing more ball and now I’m getting taller. I’m dunkin now so that’s pretty cool.

Interviewer: I heard the growth spurt is not gonna stop.

JB: Nah, I’m just kidding, I’m not dunking though.

Interviewer: I would have believed it. Who knows man? It’s Bieber yo. I don’t know man. I’ve seen you out there with the fans. Does it ever get you, they want to touch you, they want to grab you, you know. They want a piece of you.

JB: Man it’s still crazy. Its still crazy concept to me. Like just yerterday after the show. There were a bunch of peope around our car shaking our car. I’m trying to get out. I was even like this is crazy. I’m still feel very blessed and yeah it’s awesome.

Interviewer: your fans here in miami they got a lot of love for you. They’re lining up outside. Any surprises for your miami show. Any low insight you could give’em

JB: I don’t know if anybody coming out. But I always give a 100% energy when I come to Miami. They’ll be able to have a great show.

Watch the full Interview below, he shared about hes plans this holiday.

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