What is Justin Biebers Cell Phone Number Now?

In a Belieber’s perfect world, Justin Biebers cell phone number is on speed dial and he answers the phone each time it rings. Oh how girls would love for this to be true and just imagine how jealous boyfriends can get especially if J-Biebs decides to hang-out with them. Unfortunately, it’s not how things go in reality and all the JB loving peeps in the world wake up each morning with a sigh wishing their happy dreams with the cutest teen on earth could someday become true.

The need to call Justin

The world have seen and heard Justin’s awesome talents but only a rare few outside his circle has been lucky enough to exchange a hearty conversation with him. And as his legion of fans continues to grow in numbers, so is the almost desperate yearning to connect with the Biebster. For non-Beliebers it’s a great mystery why girls and even boys crave to know what is Justin Biebers cell phone number right now in 2012.

For starters, who wouldn’t want to have a very famous personality’s private cell phone number? Even if one is a hater of Justin Bieber or any celebrity, having direct access to them is quite an accomplishment and scores very high on the cool meter. Another thing is J-Biebs has a killer combo of talents that very few artists possess; he sings, dances, acts and he does all of them at a very high level. Who would refuse to talk with such a talented individual? Getting singing tips from him is like winning a lottery plus not to mention being on first name basis with Justin also opens a lot of doors in Hollywood. In a nutshell, having Justin Biebers cell number simply rocks!

Where to get JB’s phone number

Obviously, a very big star like Justin Bieber doesn’t giveaway his personal number that easy to anyone. Scouring the internet yields a lot of bogus claims of personal knowledge to the coveted number but so far nobody has proven any of them to be authentic. And so where and how does a true blue Belieber get Justin’s cell phone number?

The easiest way to do this is to look for JB’s manager or the people who are really close to the teen sensation. There’s no guarantee they will give it though but it sure beats guessing each number until one finds a match. A phone directory listing can also prove useful but it would really be crazy if a Justin Bieber is listed at all.

Does JB take fan calls?

Life as a famous celebrity is not as easy or fun as most people would like to think and so it’s understandable that stars like Justin do measures that allow them to have privacy despite paparazzi all over them most of the time. Will he take that call? Of course, being smart and respectful of his fans, J-Biebs undoubtedly would love to chat with them if given the chance. The question really is; is there a Belieber out there what is the cell phone number of Justin Bieber?

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