Who is Justin Bieber Dating Right Now

Girls everywhere just love to gossip about who is Justin Bieber dating right now because partly they want to know who is the lucky female to snag JB’s heart and at the same time they secretly wish it was them. It may not make sense especially to haters but for millions of Beliebers it really matters who the Canadian superstar is going out with.

The world knows that former Disney star and singer Selena Gomez is the current beau of JB and what a lovely couple they make. They’ve been linked to each other ever since their paths crossed in 2009. But since Justin wasn’t exactly old enough then, it was only in 2011 that the two of them decided to go public and admit their relationship. Of course, in Hollywood everything can turn upside down in a blink of an eye which is why celebrity couples are always scrutinized. And it’s also the reason why people are constantly asking who is Justin Bieber dating right now in 2012.

Add to this mix celebrity rumor mills that most of the time spew dramatic nonsense which fuels fires that often are false alarms just like the recent Twitter barrage that announced Jelena was officially over. While the initial reactions are almost always of belief and shock, it doesn’t take long for clearer heads to prevail and proper journalism takes over. Like many others before it, the split gossip was quickly dispelled by no other than JB himself when he was asked about the whereabouts of Selena in the 2012 Billboard awards.

The teen star and hit maker nonchalantly answered that the star of the 2013 film Spring Breakers is currently out of the country and that he’s sad she’s not around to be his date to the awards show. It’s pretty clear who is Justin Bieber dating today– it’s still the lovely Miss Gomez.

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