Where is Selena Gomez Right Now?

If you only knew the bubbly and gorgeous Selena Gomez when she became Justin Bieber’s main squeeze, chances are you don’t know her at all. And when faced with a query on where is Selena Gomez right now, you would probably think she’s on the heels of JB every minute; who can blame you for thinking that. Justin is just so adorable and now that he’s turned eighteen every girl’s eyes are on him and his girlfriend.

But Selena is, on her own right, a star although not as big as J-Biebs or at least not yet. Her stint as Alex Russo in Disney channel’s Wizards of Waverly place made her a household name. And her subsequent projects for that network not only made her famous but also paved the way for JB and her to meet each other in 2009.

And aside from being an actor for TV, the young star also has singing chops which garnered her worldwide attention through her hit songs “Who Says’ and “Love You like a Love Song”. Her success in both acting and singing has made her a worthy match for the Canadian teen heartthrob who also happens to be a real song hit maker – Justin Bieber.

If you’re looking to find out where is Selena Gomez right now, you will be lucky to catch her as she’s one busy lady. She just finished filming “Spring Breakers” which is set to be released in 2013.It’s also been rumoured that she’ll join JB on his world tour to promote his latest album “Believe” which will come in June. She also recently did a photo shoot for the cover of Teen Vogue for its May issue.

No matter how famous her boyfriend is, Selena definitely has what it takes to become the next superstar of Hollywood and she’s way beyond ready for the big time.


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