What is Justin Bieber Doing Right Now?

Not so long ago in 2008, no one has ever heard of the name Justin Bieber and except for his family and friends nobody really paid much attention to whatever it was he was doing with his life. But fast forward to 2012 and everyone is not only interested in what is Justin Bieber doing right now but also who is dating him. It’s truly amazing what the internet can do to help boost a young Canadian boy’s career from obscurity to international superstardom. It’s no wonder everyone wants to know his whereabouts and what he is doing – he is now a certified Hollywood A-Lister and no one can question that.

JB’s latest activities

2012 is shaping up to be a very big one for JB and his crew. For starters, this is the year the cute singer sheds his childhood skin as he turned 18 in March. The media and the legions of Beliebers all across the globe have set their sights on how the youngster will handle all the pressures of being a superstar at such an early age as well as how his growing up will affect his voice.

Fans didn’t have to wait long to see and hear for themselves how JB would sing now that he’s 18. A few weeks after he celebrated his birthday, the first single off his latest album “Boyfriend” was released. Soon after, its video was launched and immediately climbed to the top of music charts which proved many haters wrong in their assumption that Justin wouldn’t be able to duplicate his initial success.

Needless to say, J-Biebs is one busy person these days as he prepares for the release of his latest album “Believe” in June which is to be followed by a promotional concert tour that will go on pretty much until the year ends. In addition to that, JB also has to juggle his hours between work and his uber gorgeous girlfriend Selena Gomez who is also preoccupied with her own career.

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