Where is Justin Bieber Right Now

Where is Justin Bieber right now? It seems everyone is eager to know the answer to this question especially Beliebers who can’t stop thinking about the hot Canadian teen whose smile is able to melt girls’ hearts all over the world like butter. He just turned 18 in March and people are really excited to see how he’ll behave now that he’s all grown up.

Why the fuzz about JB’s whereabouts

Bieber Fever afflicts millions of girls and even boys who like to follow in JB’s footsteps. How do you know if you have it? The most common symptom is when no matter what it is you’re doing; you can’t stop thinking about Justin. You see him everywhere and you hear all his songs wherever you go. You even think it’s a sign from the heavens that you should be with him and not Selena Gomez.

Don’t worry if you’re guilty of this behavior – you’re not alone constantly asking where is Justin Bieber right now and you’re not crazy. Aside from fellow Beliebers, who gush about J-Biebs every minute, media people, are also on the lookout for wherever he’s next sighting will be.

Hollywood celebs are always sought after by paparazzi but when it comes to Justin everything goes into overdrive. Why? First of all, J-Biebs is a prime example of an overnight success story which so many people can only wish for. He burst into the scene via YouTube in 2008 and since then his career has never faltered, at least so far. His discovery led so many people, young and old alike to try their hands on uploading homemade videos of themselves hoping to get famous like the Biebster did. Since then, fans and even haters have been very watchful of his whereabouts hoping the boy wonder himself would reveal his secret to stardom.

Then there’s that gorgeous Disney girl named Selena Gomez who stole Justin’s heart away from millions of hopeful girls; ever since the two hooked up, Beliebers have searched high and low where is Justin Bieber today. Falling in love and having a girlfriend shouldn’t be a big deal for teens like him but he’s no regular boy experiencing puppy love – he’s Justin Bieber the uber famous singer from Canada!

Finally, JB is such a big fan of social media like most people these days. He’s got a Facebook page that’s really bustling with shout outs and greetings from Beliebers plus he’s one of the most followed in Twitter with over 16 million people following him which is really insane to say the least. And what is even crazier is the fact that he tweets on a daily basis which actually makes people wonder.

Indeed, JB is one of the hottest tickets in Tinsel town these days especially now that he’s set to release a new album named “Believe”. And judging by the enormous success of its first single “Boyfriend”, things are going to get even hotter this year for J-Biebs as he prepares to conquer the world once more.

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