Justin Bieber Tour Dates in 2012

Good things come to all those who wait and for the gazillions of Beliebers out there who are eager to see J-Biebs strut his oh so awesome talents on stage, the announcement of Justin Bieber tour dates in 2012 is surely the most anticipated event of the year. Yes that’s right, just announcing the Biebster’s schedule is enough to cause hysteria among his followers who never seem to get enough of the Canadian star.

The world waits for the return of the Bieber

It’s been months since Justin Bieber last performed for his loyal fans and the clamor for his return is growing stronger each day that passes with him on hiatus. There has been numerous spotting of the teen icon but they only serve to whet Beliebers’ appetite to see him in action. It’s why the internet is alive with rumors and reports about when and where he’ll begin his next tour.

Bloggers and media people are constantly speculating on Justin Bieber tour dates in 2012 which is not about to stop anytime soon especially with the recent tweet the teen star himself posted that said an announcement is coming in May about his upcoming concert performances. This spread throughout the web like wildfire and now fans are going crazy guessing when it will all happen.

Aside from Justin’s return to the stage, his legions of fans all over the world are also crossing their fingers about the upcoming announcement. In 2011, Beliebers in different countries were delighted as J-Biebs decided to do shows in countries like Japan, Australia, Brazil, Philippines, and Malaysia among many others. It was a grueling tour for sure but JB did not disappoint fans who patiently waited for him which is what everyone hopes he’ll do again.

Boyfriend madness

One of the reasons why fans are so excited about seeing Justin perform live again is his latest hit single “Boyfriend”. It’s the first to be released from his upcoming album “Believe” which is expected to be a runaway hit once again. The song debuted at number 2 in the Billboard chart with sales hitting the 500,000 mark in less than a week. More than anything, this proves to haters that Justin Bieber is here to stay and they better Belieb it.

But aside from topping the charts once more, “Boyfriend” also showcases a more matured J-Biebs in terms of singing and the message of the song which he co-wrote with Mike Posner, Mason Levy and Mat Musto. Music critics described the song as Justin’s slow journey into adulthood but also noted that young girls will still find it lovely and adorable. In fact, majority of Beliebers who are waiting on Justin Bieber tour dates in 2012 still belong to young teens who look up to the cute singer from Canada.

There’s no doubt the announcement will come soon as most artists promote their latest work through concert tours. Beliebers can only hope that Justin makes a stop in their hometowns so that they can show how much they love him.

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