Justin Bieber Six Pack Abs

Stars like Justin Bieber don’t come very often which is why he was considered a hot item since day one of his very young career. But as he grew up and eventually turned 18 in March, things turned even hotter as more and more people were noticing the Justin Bieber six pack that’s been seen in many photos that surfaced online. Is he going to be Hollywood’s next sex symbol?

JB’s image change inevitable

Everyone knows Justin as the poster boy for cuteness and teen adoration. He grabbed the world’s attention via YouTube where he was first spotted. And although he showed extraordinary singing talent, his baby face ultimately won him the hearts of millions of girls all over the world. Now that he’s maturing, questions are being raised about his image; are Beliebers ready to let go of the J-Biebs they’ve all come to know and love all these years?

The first time photos of Justin Bieber sexy abs were spotted on the web, fans reacted with delight until many of them realized that it was a sign of things to come; their idol will inevitably have to shed his old skin as he grew older. The release of his latest single and its video, “Boyfriend” has given Beliebers a preview of what is in store for them as Justin enters adulthood – a more mature sound with a really hot image to boot.

Can Justin do sexy?

If there’s anything the Justin Bieber six pack abscan tell us, it’s this; not only does JB has the chops to do sexy but he also embraces that image wholeheartedly. In fact, he recently agreed to do a cover for Seventeen magazine showing his abs which garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike. This is a clear indication that JB’s fans are loyal enough to take a ride with him to wherever his career goes – even if he ends up far from the old JB.

But having a sexy image can actually help J-Biebs’ career in the long run as evidenced by many child stars who became even bigger as they grew up and transitioned successfully from wholesome to daring like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. Even Miley Cyrus, who’s going head to head with JB in terms of earnings, is going the sexy route to entice more adult music fans to like her.

Staying fit and healthy

Whatever the implications of the Justin Bieber six pack to his career, ultimately it’s a good sign for the young star. He’s doing his best to stay fit and healthy despite a busy schedule and it’s paying off big time as more people are talking about him. And not only that, his dedication to keeping his body in tip top shape only reinforces his seriousness in accepting his role as model citizen for millions of youngsters who dream of following his footsteps one day. This only shows that Justin Bieber is worthy of his stature and all his successes are well deserved.

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