Justin Bieber Headphones: The Best Place to Buy at Cheap Price

There are many ways for fans to express their love for their favorite celebrities; ranging from the mundane to the insane. And for millions of Justin Bieber followers, there’s no better way to show how much they adore him and his music than to grab a set of Justin Bieber headphones which would no doubt make his songs sound even cooler.

Why buy JB headsets?

If you are a Belieber, you would have already bought 2 pairs of the JustBeats headphones and you’re probably waiting for its next incarnation. You love Justin more than anything and so getting them is like the most natural thing in the world for you to do right? But what about the people who just love music in general, is it worth their while to spend their cash on Justin Bieber headphones at Walmart?

For starters, the gear is made by Monster and Beats by Dr. Dre, the audio company that made headsets fashionable again with their flashy designs and penchant for partnering with celebrities to endorse their products. There is no doubt about the sound quality for sure as evidenced by the huge number of earphones sold over the last two years.

Furthermore, the headphone has been transformed from a utilitarian piece of equipment to an essential piece of accessory that many people bring with them wherever they go. In fact, because many famous personalities use Monster and Beats headsets, they’re now considered a fashion trend. Justin Bieber headphones seek to do the same thing – give you an awesome gear and make you look good while listening to music.

Now if you’re not too keen about joining the ranks of Beliebers, it’s a good bet that you know someone who just adore the Biebster which means grabbing a set of his famous earpieces and giving it as a gift would surely make his or her day. And who knows, maybe when you see its beautiful purple finish you could change your mind and decide to keep it for yourself.

Is it worth its price?

Justin Bieber headphones come in two models; on-ear and in-ear. Prices may range from $230 -$199 here. The most expensive I’ve seen is $599 at ebay The on-ear version has the classic ear muffs design that gives users the “old school” feel although for some they may be a bit oversized, it can be purchase at hmv,bestbuy or amazon. The in-ear sets are much smaller and designed as ear buds which is a more modern take.

The on-ear model of JustBeats costs $200 which might be a bit on the pricey end. However, considering that it was custom designed for JB himself, it can be a good investment as items like these often end up becoming highly collectible in the future. The other model fetches a much lower price at $120 which is still not cheap; there are Beats headphone models that are way below that price range and are just as good. And again, because of Justin Bieber’s name, it’s still worth buying especially for collectors of celebrity memorabilia.

Indeed, showing adoration for a star like Justin Bieber can sometimes border on the extreme. Needless to say, appreciation for premium stuff like Bieber’s headphones at bestbuy or hmv comes at a price that every Belieber is willing to pay.

Ways to save on Justin Bieber Headphones

  1. Purchase at Amazon – Amazon offers one of the best prices for any headsets plus you could just do it at the convenience of your home.  
  2. Buy Used Headphone – take advantage of fans who are constantly upgrading to the latest model, mostly they will sell their older but still good units at amazon or ebay. You could save on Justin Biebers headsets for as much as $100.
  3. Buy Refurbished Headphones – This is as good as brand new but at time almost 40-50% cheaper. Again, the best place to look for JustBeats refurbished would be in ebay or amazon.

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