Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Pregnant

There’s that familiar rumor again – Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pregnant which has hounded the young couple since day one of their relationship. Why is this happening to such sweet and adorable teens that are undoubtedly among the biggest celebs today? Here are the top reasons why the Jelena gossip mills won’t be shutting down anytime soon:

Envy from haters. JB and SG are having phenomenal careers which don’t sit well with their critics and haters. It’s why for every milestone in their lives, these envious people try to spread news Selena Gomez may be carrying Justins Baby just to ruin the happy mood they’re in. And even though not too many fans give the rumors much importance, they can still be an unwelcome distraction especially for Justin who is currently busy preparing for his North American tour to promote his “Believe” album.

Steamy photos of Jelena on the internet. Every time a rumor comes out saying that a baby Bieber is on the way, people are always treated to a smorgasbord of pictures that show the couple getting really intimate and touchy with each other while vacationing on the beautiful island of Hawaii. This makes any claim to Selena’s pregnancy not only valid but a very real possibility.

Selena’s pregnancy symptoms. Back in 2011, Selena was rushed to the hospital after being interviewed in a late night show after she complained of nausea and dizziness which are telltale signs of what else – pregnancy. But the Disney Channel star and her representatives were quick to dismiss the rumors and blamed undernourishment for her ails.

Whichever of these reasons can make you believe about gossips that say Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pregnant with their first baby, only one thing is certain; the two teens are among the most sought after celebs in their respective fields and with every success they achieve, somebody is bound to tell stories about them regardless whether they’re true or not.    

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