How old is Justin Bieber Right Now

Many people have tried ignoring the phenomenal rise to stardom of a young boy from Canada simply because they feel he’s just another one hit wonder; a flash in the pan. He is, after all, just a kid who got discovered on YouTube by accident and was made popular by all the hype that modern media loves to conjure – everyone was practically praying he would go away just as fast as he came. But three years into a stellar singing career and making more money than other stars of his age, people are starting to notice that he is actually the real deal; he was born a star by hes hardworking mother. So now fans are always wondering how old is Justin Bieber right now.

Why the interest with JB’s age

Justin was 14 when his video on YouTube became viral and at the time everyone was amazed at how good his voice was. But as his fame grew people began to dismiss him as another one of those feel good stories that would eventually fizzle out. Of course this consensus turned out to be wrong and recently interest on the teen heartthrob began gaining momentum as he turned 18 in March.  Why the sudden curiosity with his age?

Haters and Beliebers are all on the look-out for Justin’s transformation from being a mop topped boy to certified teen hunk with a hot celebrity girlfriend because they want to see how he deals with the entire conundrum of being a young man in the cutthroat world of show business. Furthermore, everyone is curious about how his voice would sound like now that he’s transitioned into adulthood. And apparently, fans love how his first single “Boyfriend” sounded which came from his soon to be released album “Believe”. This can only mean one thing for Justin Bieber – now everyone is paying attention.

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