How much is Justin Bieber Worth in 2012

Celebrities earn a ton of money; this is a fact everyone is familiar with. However, it’s not every day that we hear about a teenager making more cash than most people would in the span of their lives. And this is why there’s a lot interest and curiosity going around as to how much is Justin Bieber worth. And why not, he has become a top selling artist and an internet superstar in a very short time which is considered a perfect formula for money making these days.

Richest teenager star

JB was recently named the highest paid teen celebrity of 2011 after overtaking Miley Cyrus, who held the title the previous two years. He reportedly netted earnings amounting to $53 million from May of 2010 to May of 2011. If there is anything that this proves, it only affirms Justin’s mass appeal which allows him to make so much money. People of all ages are ready to follow him wherever he wants to go and they are more than willing to spend hard earned cash just to see, hear, and make him a part of their lives.

How JB cashes in on the web

More than anything else, the internet or the World Wide Web is JB’s biggest gun in his arsenal. By now everyone should be familiar with how he got into show business and that’s via YouTube, the video sharing site that has spawned numerous celebrity acts since its inception in 2005.

Justin’s home videos were uploaded by his own mother Pattie which were accidentally watched by Scooter Braun in his search for a talented individual to manage. This happy mistake was no doubt the most memorable in his managing career as his protégé soon became one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

But since YouTube is free, people are always asking how a star like Justin Bieber is able to make money from being viewed by millions all over the world. For starters, the media is so powerful that it can convince anybody to try out a new product, the latest trends, and of course the newest personalities. And by sheer number alone, Justin’s famous Beliebers should be enough to make him wealthy for the rest of his life.

And since he’s so well-loved by fans and friends, his team has also made good use of social media to promote his activities and his music albums. On Twitter, JB has more than 16 million followers and even if just a portion of that number is actually buying stuff he makes – music, movies, and music videos, he would still be earning millions of dollars.

Justin dolls and merchandise sell like hot cakes

Aside from the web and his extraordinary talents, a big part of Justin’s earnings come from endorsements and merchandise deals from companies who seek to cash in on his fame. In a Super Bowl ad he made for Best Buy, his appearance as an astronaut raked in $1 million in fees; he didn’t even have a speaking line in the commercial. This only means he has become part of that elite group of celebrities who is well sought after by many giant companies willing to pay big money just so they could represent their products. 

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