Fun and Interesting Facts about Justin Bieber

Many people see Justin Bieber as this overhyped celebrity who’s been mostly free riding on the back of social media to make him even more famous – which is an unfair assessment of the young star. Maybe if these people knew more facts about Justin Bieber they would lighten up and begin to appreciate the phenomenon that he has become. Here are really fun and interesting tidbits about the boy wonder from Canada:

Justin Bieber’s Fear

Justin is claustrophobic. Many people suffer from the same fear of enclosed spaces but for a fun loving singer one might be inclined to think its absurd and odd considering stars like him are often riding elevators in hotels where they stay during road shows and tours. But J-Biebs himself admitted it which is kind of cute for Beliebers; who knew such an adorable face would be so scared of stepping inside an elevator.

Justin’s First Love

JB kissed a lucky girl for the first time at the age of 12. Sure, there are many folks who’ve done it at a much younger age but hey, did they ever grow up to be like Justin? Unfortunately, it’s not your typical “sparks fly kind of kiss” that every girl on the planet is dreaming to be on the receiving end. According to J-Biebs, it all happened on a snowy day in his hometown Stratford – he was with a girl on a snow hill and he did a spur of the moment kiss that turned to be really awkward for the two of them. Whoever the lucky chick is, she’s probably proud to beat Selena Gomez to the punch.

Justin’s Humble Beginnings

He began playing the drums at the age of 4 when his mom gave him a drum set as a gift. This shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing what he’s accomplished in his very young career.

JB learned to sing while listening to his mom’s Boys II Men’s album collections. This is perhaps where his R and B roots grew from which is quite astonishing for a boy his age.

His career in music literally took him off the ground and up to the skies – his first plane ride happened when manager and discoverer Scooter Braun flew him and his mom to Atlanta.

Justin’s first dream career was nowhere near music – he actually wanted to become a hockey superstar which understandably is pretty much what every Canadian boy wants to be when he grows up.

The Biebster is a Piscean which somehow explains why he’s so passionate about music and the creative arts.

On a more recent note, JB’s latest album “Believe” contain 11 tracks but he actually recorded about 40 songs.

JB revealed he has no qualms about dating fans but they have to be straightforward and direct when asking him out on a date. It also helps to show some concern for his well being.

Justin has a crush on Beyonce and he actually approached her in person during a Video Music Awards night and told her how much he loves her songs. The music diva gushed about how cute JB is.

So guys if you have any fun facts about Bieber, please share it with us.

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