What is Justin Biebers Phone Number?

The search for what is Justin Biebers phone number is one of the top searches done on the internet everyday and until someone can actually post the real thing, this obsession isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. Aside from the very obvious fact that JB is one of the biggest celebrities today, are there more reasons to want to know what justin biebers cell phone number today? You bet there are! And a Belieber will always be the first to tell you why talking to Justin would be the coolest experience ever!

How to Find for Justin Bieber’s Contact Information?

There are easy ways to call Justin’s attention. You could message him in his twitter account, Youtube, or Facebook page. Try connecting with him through the above social networks. Who knows, he might just be in the mood and you’ll be the luckiest girl if he messages you back.

Here’s a list of Possible Justin Biebers Real Cell Phone Number

                                                                                             1. This number was from a facebook page – authenticity is not confirmed.

Mobile Number of Justin Bieber

Justin Biebers cell number shared on Facebook

2. This number was obtained from tweeter when Justin allegedly tweets his real cell phone number.

Justin Bieber Tweets his real phone number

Justin Biebers real phone was bombarded with calls after this tweet

Some so called music experts called Justin Bieber’s rise to fame artificial all because he got his break on YouTube. But as his songs began to race to the top of music charts and his concerts shattered ticket sales records worldwide, it became obvious to critics and haters that there’s no stopping the runaway train called Bieber Mania.

But aside from earning millions from album sales and concerts, J-Biebs also scored big when he and Selena Gomez hooked up in 2010 to the delight of both their followers. They not only look good together but are currently one of the most talked about celebrity couples in Hollywood with every spotting of them generating countless of rumors about parenthood or breaking up. This is perhaps the reason why their devoted fans would love to have an idea on what is Justin Biebers phone number 2012 so they can get the real score about all these gossips straight from the man himself.

2008 may have been the breakthrough year in JB’s life as a musician and no doubt it will remain atop his most unforgettable moments of all time but this year is shaping up to be a bigger one in terms of expectations from fans and even from people who have been trying desperately to bring him down right from the start of his career.

To say that the stakes are much higher this time would be a bit of an understatement as Justin has recently reached a crossroad in his young existence – he turned 18 years old in March. It may not seem like a big deal considering how much the young Canadian star has accomplished but that’s the thing with child singers – they’re still growing and their bodies tend to have changes that can affect how they perform.

In the case of the Biebster, critics and music experts have been dreading the day that his voice inevitably changes as a result of his becoming a man which he did this year. But proving without doubt that he’s here to stay, JB went to the studio to record his newest album called Believe which was released in June and amidst worries from his fans that he wouldn’t sound as good as in his previous hit songs, the first single “Boyfriend” was played by radio stations across the US in March and was soon garnering rave reviews. It did confirm what everyone was waiting to hear – JB’s more mature vocals although the change was hardly noticeable. Pundits credited JB and his crew for choosing and making songs that would accommodate this inevitable transformation in his voice.

But aside from releasing new songs and recording a new album, Justin is also busy preparing for his concert tour which will begin in September. The series of shows will make stops in different cities in the North American territory to promote the album “Believe”. And with the rest of the year all locked up for his gigs, the hopes of people who are interested in finding out what is Justin Biebers real phone number are slowly fading as there’s no way he can be distracted especially now that he’s getting ready to rock the more than 40 nights of scheduled performances for the tour.

Why Does Everybody Want to Speak with Justin Bieber?

There’s no shortage of volunteers when it comes to individuals willing to talk with Justin Bieber whether in person or on the phone. Why is this happening? Why is he so interesting to so many people? He’s just 18 and the world wants to know what’s in his head!

It may seem an absurd or even a crazy notion, but conversing with the top earning teen celebrity of 2011 can actually be enlightening not to mention inspiring for Bieber wannabes out there. To start with, there are many people who want to be as successful if not as famous as the Biebster and what better way to do it than getting tips from one who’s actually done it.

JB may be young and inexperienced in many things in the eyes of most people but let’s not forget that he has experience on stuff that many of us can only dream about – he’s rich and very famous plus he’s a really talented artist to boot. These things aren’t exactly taught in school so they really make good topics in a conversation with J-Biebs.

In addition to getting the low down on being famous and wealthy, young guys can also get tips on how to bag a hottie like Selena Gomez who is actually older than Justin. Even before he turned 18 this year, JB has been linked with many girls which is kind of ironic since his baby face is often dubbed wholesome by the media although this is not to say that he’s some kind of Casanova; it’s really normal for teenage boys to show interest in the opposite sex this early.

Finally, a world famous figure like Justin Bieber wields an enormous amount of influence especially with the rise of social media which means he also holds a big responsibility to society. He knows this very well and is taking it to heart which is why he is trying to become a model citizen. And for many people who want to talk and find out what is Justin Biebers phone number, perhaps this is the best question to ask him; what can you do to help make the world a better place?

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