Justin Bieber Paparazzi Fight – Still on the Hot Seat!

Justin Bieber’s problem with a bothersome paparazzi still haunts him even after 3 months when Jb was caught in a fight with the photographer.
The lovebirds – Justin and Selena – are wanted by authorities for further investigation regarding the scramble. Jose Sarroz – a professional paparazzi was allegedly hit by Justin in the face after an incident where the photographer got too close and may have cause discomfort with the celebrity couple pm May 28 at the Calabasas Commons.
Tmz have reported that the police will soon approach the teen sensation and Selena for questioning. There is still no confirmation if the couple have been contacted. The case was already in the hands of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office but has been returned for more details.

justin bieber paparazzi fight
After the unfortunate incident, Jose Sarros quickly contacted the police while Selena was shot by other photographers comforting her infuriated boyfriend, as the police report noted. When the authorities arrive the couple were absent as they already had left. Sarros was immediately brought to the hospital for treatment as he was feeling pain on his upper torso, he was also released later that day.
On that afternoon, Justin Bieber tweeted “fans have always been there. from day 1. they are there for me thru everything,” “They lift me up. so…im there for them. always.#FACT”
At the same time, Selena expressed her gratittude to her fans for their comforting messages and support. She made a Facebook status update saying “THANKS YOU SO MUCH to my fans for always protecting me and being there for me. I can’t thank you guys enough. I’m sorry I had to rush out. Love you guys.”

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    Hey thats so bad to fight with a silly photographer!!oh dear Justin……I hate you you are satanic!!!???lollloll

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