Justin Bieber becomes Celebrity Mentor for X Factor

X Factor has added a new mentor. Simon Cowell’s new opponent is no other than youtubes biggest star Justin Bieber.  The teen sensation is joining forces with Simon’s rival judge L.A Reid to become a celebrity guide on the next approaching season. It is reported that Justin has agreed to join and become  one of the celebrity mentors designated by the shows judges. So the L.A. squad will get solid advice from the Biebster and just yesterday he went to a place in Hollywood Hills to give his word to the participants.  Hopefully the contestants will learn a lot from Justin considering what he have gone through to reach his dreams.  It is still unknown who the other judges will approach to help them.

justin bieber x factor

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  1. Haley says:

    That would be awesome because I LOVE Justin and I also love the X-factor.

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