Selena Gomez Pregnant Rumors

When you’re young, beautiful, and super famous, the last thing you want is people talking non-stop about you becoming a parent even though you’re supposed partner is one of today’s hottest teen celebs who go by the name Justin Bieber. Indeed, Selena Gomez pregnant rumors can be real troublesome despite the fact that none of them has been confirmed or at least not yet. Just what are these gossips all about?

Selena Gomez Pregnant NewsBefore Selena met Justin, she wasn’t exactly flying under the radar as she was busy doing projects for TV, film, and of course as a singer. Needless to say, she was already a well known personality even before she and JB became an item which made their pairing not only interesting but it also became virtually a giant magnet for all sorts of Selena Gomez pregnancy rumors.

The first reports of her becoming a mom came out as soon as she and Justin confirmed that they were dating. According to the young actress and singer of hits like “Who Says” and “Love You Like A Love Song”, the two of them regularly saw each other for about two years before admitting to the public their relationship. And like other celebrity couples, they were besieged with rumors and gossip that were mostly made by haters.

After the initial wave of reported Selena Gomez pregnant rumors, more came when photos of the lovebirds getting intimate with each other came out online. The two were photographed while on a romantic vacation in Hawaii and their actions did speak for the real state of affairs between them which can only be described as pure love. And no one can really blame people for believing any news that say they are having a baby soon – young as they are, they are very capable of reproduction and nothing can be more exciting than seeing the offspring of two beautiful people.

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