Justin Bieber sided his girlfriend by describing Rebecca Black’s Friday as Weird

Rebecca Black has a lot of fans who have been watching her hit video ‘Friday’ on
YouTube, but not Justin. Justin is not impressed and even issued an insult! On March
19, 2011, the 17-year-old Justin gave 13-year-old Rebecca an understated punch
through Twitter. The tweet read, “Sunday comes after Saturday? Weird.” Justin is
clearly referring to Rebecca’s obvious lyrics of “Tomorrow is Saturday/and Sunday
comes afterwards.”
There is a hazy feud between Rebecca Black and Selena Gomez. So is Bieber
declaring his side on Gomez by lashing out Black on Twitter? What do you think?

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4 Responses

  1. rero says:

    rebecca black friday is nice but if justin hates her then i’ll hate her………..and i want to say to justin is i really love u and i want to meet u ……….<3

    • Vernessa says:

      i really like justin but its not nice too pick on others n if u dont want nobody pickin on you so dont pick other exspecial if just one person dont hate the famous or not thats not nice but every one has a tittle to their own opinion in i do respect wat he say but its not rite no affince ok u rock justin=)

  2. karezz says:

    hey my name is karezz and i think it is Justin`s business if he is going to be a farther.and to you haters kiss his bute.

    i don’t know if you will ever read this but i have always wanted to meet a real star and i am not one of those people who are obsess with you i am a kid just like you i love music i play guitar drums Lil bit of piano. i just wanted to say thanks you made see that i never need to give up on my music. and i sing i rape .i live in a small town so not meany people like you come around so i will probably never get noticed but never say never. and if Selena Gomez is Pregnant good luck on the baby.

  3. Albin says:

    I’m a 15 year old boy.I love justin bieber and his musics and don’t care about what haters say,he truly is an inspiration for all teenagers for boys and girls.Even my whole friends are his huge fan.So haters “Back-Off”.

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