Justin Bieber PhotoShoot 2012

Justin Drew Bieber was 14 years old when his mother Pattie Mallette uploaded videos of him singing on YouTube. This was in 2008 when social media was still on the rise. All his clips went viral and in just a few weeks time, he became very famous and captured the world’s attention. Everyone was familiar with his looks – adorable face with a really cute haircut. He was, in all aspects, still a boy which is why millions of young girls instantly had a crush on him. Fast forward four years, he’s more famous than ever, he’s richer plus he has a grown a lot. And this is why everyone is looking forward to seeing a Justin Bieber photoshoot 2012; he just turned 18 and is now trying to shed off his cutie image. Is the world ready to see him become a grown up?

Bieber photos in high demand

Justin Bieber PhotoShoot in  2012Justin Bieber Photoshoot 2012 aol

Justin Bieber Photoshoot 2012 for Forbes

It seems like everyone wants a piece of the Biebster these days especially after releasing his latest single “Boyfriend”. Fans want to see him sing, dance, and woo their hearts with his lovely smile while the media people are scrambling to get the first scoop about his relationship with girlfriend Selena Gomez who is also a hot item herself with various Hollywood projects coming her way.

But perhaps there is nothing more precious for the paparazzi than snaring photos of J-Biebs no matter what his pose is; the more candid, the more expensive it’s going to be particularly for tabloids that pay ridiculous sums of money for celeb pictures. For this reason, Beliebers are all eager to know when Justin Bieber photoshoot 2012 will be set and what magazine is lucky enough to get his nod.

Seventeen bares Justin the man

Teen magazine Seventeen has managed to score a pictorial gig from J-Biebs and leaked photos show a leaner Justin who recently turned 18. This is what many fans have been dying to see; how the Canadian boy who blitzed his way into stardom would look like when he’s all grown up. Many of his critics have been bashing the Biebster for so long saying his career would end as soon as he entered manhood. But the May issue of the magazine where Justin Bieber photoshoot graces the cover will prove once and for all that Justin Bieber is here to stay. Not only does he retain that cuteness that so many girls have fallen in love with but now he’s spicing up their dreams with a manlier and sexier physique which will no doubt attract more mature female fans.

Complex shows meaner JB

True artists are always finding ways to show their creativity and Complex magazine was able to convince Justin Bieber to show angst and a mean streak in Justin Bieber new photoshoot with them. The theme for the cover was JB’s growing pains as a young Hollywood star which portrayed him as all bloodied after getting into a fight with two really big guys who might be UFC fighters. The magazine got varied reactions from critics and fans – some praising its being provocative and out of the box while others got worried JB might be sending the wrong message to his followers especially young kids who really look up to him.

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