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It’s both an exciting and scary thought to be able to chat with Justin Bieber right now for a lot of reasons. Sure, there will be an avalanche of volunteers willing to do this anytime of the day but one has to think about how to go about the process properly as this opportunity can only come once in a lifetime. And a diehard Belieber would surely love to make the most of it which would require some tips and guidelines such as these:

Chat with Justin Bieber onlineStars and celebrities are human beings which mean they also have feelings. Therefore it’s just prudent for anyone chatting with JB to keep this in mind and avoid saying disrespectful things. Some people just love to hate the Canadian pop star which he handles with more maturity than most teens his age would ever show but a chance to chat with Justin Bieber right now is not a license to bash him nonstop on Twitter which is how he usually keeps in touch with his fans.

Likewise, it’s not good for anyone especially girls to chat with JB and make indecent remarks or offers; this is actually happening as JB is one of the hottest teens today and some people just can’t help expressing how much they want him. So Every belieber is looking to learn how to chat with justin bieber on the computer.

And because J-Biebs is like every girl’s dream boy today, some boyfriends may be intimidated by their girlfriends’ obsession with the singer. This often drives male teenagers to vent their jealousy in online chat sessions with the Biebster which is okay as long as they don’t send out threatening messages. They have to keep an open mind with how fans react to their idols; expressing adoration is quite normal and acceptable by today’s standards so there’s really no need to become violent or say things that hint of physical harm. After all, it’s not really Justin’s fault that he has an amazing voice and a gorgeous face.  

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29 Responses

  1. micarla Mookrey says:

    Hey justin I love u so very much , u rock myworld I love u mwah !!!!!!!!!

    • james ntalo says:

      hi jb my name is james ntalo from south sfrica,i love your music and i do buy your music so much i wish one day i could meet you,and i heard that you coming to south africa but you didi’nt shows up but i know next time you will come right! Lot of people in south africa they realy realy love you man’we love you buddy,i wish you all and all the best.

  2. gaby says:

    what are u doing u whant to now some thing i told my friends that u are just like us and they thirent whant too talke to me .

  3. megan kartman says:

    Heyy Justin bieber u are the best dont listen to the ppl that thinks ur not,anywayss i love you sooooooo much!!!!! you rockkkkkkk!!!

  4. imani says:

    Hey i would love for u to video chat with me or call me plzzzz i love u so much and love to here your voice

  5. emily says:

    hey justin i love you so much and hope to meet you pretty soon and get to go to one of your concerts and can your give me free tickets in los angeles i cant offord them

  6. Libby says:

    Hey, you rock and you have so much inspired me to be who I am… I love you!!!!!! Xxxx

  7. sarah says:

    dued school sucks what class did you have a hard time with cause mine is geometry and i dont see my self pasing it any time soon :/

  8. Breanna says:

    Hi Im so haapy that your coming to portland but I cant go I was trying to bye vip tickets but do have money or my family does not have money sorry I cant go so,please and thank you love your fan breanna

  9. rtee says:


  10. rtee says:


  11. Charlie says:

    Justin Bieber u rock my world so my sister really wants to know did u make selena pregnant

  12. eshantee says:

    hi justin u are the best singer ever u are the best ever luv u’+

  13. vicky says:

    hi justin i am from greece and you are the best singer ever one day i want to see you live i want too talk very much. but i dont speak all the english very much but i understand very good

  14. Ashley says:

    Hey Justin this is me ashley you like so rock you have the best voice ever I love you and all those ppl out there say you stink is worng I am in la and signal I am18 and free friday night xoxo

  15. jessica says:

    you rock jb i love you and 5 jb dolls of you hope i get to chat with you

  16. chaima says:

    hi justin i love u so much my dream is see u

  17. damita naicker says:

    hi do you ever chat to the people who talk to you i love im 12 i see everything on youtube i thought you were kind but showing middle finger to a small boy that is just sad i will always believe i need your help plez reply

  18. madison says:

    HI Justin my name is Madison. U have helped me with my dreams u have really helped me through my life. I live in avery county. All I have to say thank U and I would like 2 meet u. thank u for every thing u have done. After ever thing u have done I have been in plays and singing contests when ever I can. So thank u. please write back

  19. kyra says:

    hey! whats up jb. i would just like to say that you are the most talented person in the whole wide world and i would just like to see you a few times before i go to tennessee. . come visit me some time. AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  20. Jaden says:

    Hey Justin I’m 12 years old and never been to any of your concerts but I really want to cause the tickets r really expensive P.S.Dont let nobody keep u down from living your dreams and being u.your always be my idol!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hey, Justin 🙂
    My name is Lilly Daiwenz, But my real name is Linn.
    I’m 16 and I’m also a Norwegian Belieber and a Belieber-Supporter. (means I support your Beliebers and fans with problems, questions and helping with the best support)
    While you were in Oslo, I was at home and start to cry at school and in the middle of the night. I really wanted to go, but My parents are worried that I could’ve been crushed down by all the screaming fans of yours. Well… I hoppe to see you in another life.


    Lilly Daiwenz

  22. Carolina says:

    Wats up babe what are u doing right know did you know my dreams was to be your girlfriend

  23. Carolina says:

    Will u be my bff

  24. I love you justin can you give me your number or your real facebook please???

  25. Micarla Mookrey says:

    Justin u mean a lot to me and I just wanna thank you for helping me hold on to my dreams. You made me realise that anything is possible , all I need to do is believe. And your music is amazing , you are so talented and amazing! You’re just an amazing person and one day I wanna meet you and give u a BIG hug! I love you justin:)

  26. À-con says:

    hy justin I’m ur biggest fan..Jus wanna talk to you…if u Hve time jus ring a on this…7030645181 plz plz plz

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