Selena Gomez Pregnant Belly Pics

Selena Gomez Pregnant Belly

The paparazzi has, through the years, evolved in their ways; from simply trying to get photos of celebrities they’ve now become “expert analysts” who look for signs that a star is not behaving the way he or she should. This is the reason why rumor mills are churning once again about Justin Bieber’s hot girlfriend – photos of Selena Gomez pregnant belly are all over the internet and although none of them have been officially confirmed, it’s still should stir somebody sleepless in her camp especially now that JB is of legal age can be very well on his way to fatherhood anytime soon.

Photos of pregnant Selena – real or fake?

Selena Gomez Pregnant Belly PicsGone are the days when photos are more or less reliable evidence – thanks to the wonders of Photoshop which is why it’s so tough to make a call on whether a picture is legit or not especially when it involves a big name star like Selena Gomez pregnant belly pics surfacing in every celebrity website.

Many of these photos were manipulated for sure like the ones showing a ridiculously big fat Selena Gomez posing for the cameras. Like most female celebs, SG loves to keep her body fit and so even if she is pregnant with baby Biebster, there’s no way she would look that gigantic. On the other hand, photos from her live performances after she was taken to the hospital in 2011 showed the Wizards of Waverly Place star holding her tummy often which could very well be a Selena Gomez pregnant belly moment.

Selena Gomez Pregnant Belly PicturesEither way, there’s only one thing that’s sure in the world of show business; the most shocking and unbelievable often turns out to be true. And no matter which side you’re on, the fact that two of today’s hottest stars are getting intimate with each other is definitely something for the headlines.    

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