Is Selena Gomez Pregnant by Justin Bieber?

Now that cutie Justin Bieber has turned 18, rumor purveyors have found extra motivation to crank up the volume and make a lot noise by asking is Selena Gomez pregnant by Justin Bieber? While 18 is not an ideal age to become parents by most people’s standards, Jelena can become the exception to the general rule if ever there is really a baby Bieber on the way. Here are some reasons why:

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant with Justin Bieber baby?Both JB and SG are financially capable of raising a kid. With massive earnings under their names, Justin and Selena will have no problems rearing up their child as far as money is concerned. They can afford to give baby Biebs stuff that ordinary kids can only dream about which is not really a bad way to start a family.

Selena and Justin are mature enough to handle the responsibilities of parenthood. What really concerns fans when they ask is Selena Gomez really pregnant with Justin Bieber is the fact that both of them are still in their teens and their maturity may be questionable when it comes to parenting. But both stars have proven to be years ahead of their peers in terms of handling the rigors of their respective careers. This is why it’s prudent to say that they deserve a shot at this mom and dad thing.

Jelena looks real cute as mommy and daddy. Selenians and Beliebers will agree unanimously that their idols do look great together and even more so as proud father and mother to the newest addition to the Bieber family. This is probably why they often ask is Selena Gomez really pregnant with Justin Biebers baby because they want it to be true. And who wouldn’t be excited in seeing how the offspring of two beautiful individuals would look like? Just think Suri Cruise for one moment and you’ll surely understand why.

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