Justin Bieber Concert in Denver 2012

The city of Denver is notorious for its high altitude where people usually have trouble taking in the much thinner air. But it doesn’t seem to scare the Canadian singing sensation as one of his stops in his recently announced “Believe” tour will be at the Mile High City. And his bravado is well founded – he breezed through his first show in Colorado in 2010 and he’s coming back for more in Justin Bieber concert in Denver 2012.

One epic tour in Denver!

Justin Bieber Concert in Denver 2012Justin Bieber began the year by going back to the studio to record songs for a new album which is one of the most anticipated in recent history. After celebrating his 18th birthday in March, JB released the first single called “Boyfriend” which ignited anew the Bieber Fever that swept the world when he was first discovered in YouTube. The song immediately climbed the charts and smashed records like a runaway train. It was obvious that Justin’s more mature sound hit the right notes in the hearts of Beliebers everywhere and with Justin Bieber tickets in Denver already set; Colorado awaits the arrival of what is expected to be one epic tour.

Ticket frenzy

The album “Believe” is coming out in June and the tour will kick off on September in Arizona. This should give enough time for fans to secure tickets to any of the 45 destinations right? Actually no, within an hour of announcing the sale online, every one of the tickets were sold out which caused panic and mass hysteria among Beliebers who didn’t even get the chance to check out seats they want.

But all is not lost for fans who want to catch the Justin Bieber concert in Denver 2012 as there are other ways to get passes for the show. For one, concert organizers are fond of setting up radio contests to promote the show and it’s a good bet they will be giving away tickets as prizes.     

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