Justin Bieber Concert in Boston 2012

Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th Birthday in March to the delight of Beliebers everywhere; the young boy who captivated the hearts of millions of girls is finally a man. But that’s not the only reason why 2012 is shaping up to be a very big year for Canada’s most popular citizen nowadays. In September, he will begin touring North America to promote his latest album called “Believe” and fans who have been waiting for a Justin Bieber concert in Boston 2012 are in for a treat as Scooter Braun himself, JB’s manager, promised an “epic show”.

Boston Landfall

Justin Bieber Concert in Boston 2012JB has drastically changed his 2012 tour schedule compared to the “My World Tour” in 2010. Unlike his initial foray into superstardom where he virtually circled the globe, he and his team will start promoting “Believe” the album in 45 cities scattered all over the US and Canada. The party starts in Glendale, Arizona and will have its last stop in Miami, Florida; JB probably intends to head out to the beach to get some well deserved R and R after the back breaking tour.

The good thing about concert touring is that people can choose where they want to watch an artist perform – and this includes Justin Bieber concert ticket in Boston 2012. Bostonians will surely have something to look forward to in the last quarter of the year as JB will be in TD Garden on November 10.

For the ultimate Justin Bieber experience, fans should avail of the “Meet and Greet” tickets which costs about $3,000. Yes, it’s a bit on the expensive side but there’s nothing quite like it. For one, you’re only within arm’s length of the stage so you’re virtually face to face with the Biebster. Of course, organizers saved the best for last as ticket holders get to chat and pose with JB backstage after the show. A word of caution though – they sell out really fast so you might want to click that buy button now.

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