When is Justin Bieber Coming to Chicago?

Beliebers in Illinois are probably wondering when is Justin Bieber coming to Chicago and unfortunately they may have to wait a little longer for it to happen. JB and his crew recently published dates and stops for his “Believe” album tour and to the dismay of many windy city fans, their hometown is not the first choice of the Canadian teen heartthrob to make his stage comeback after a brief hiatus to complete his latest music offering to the world.

When is Justin Bieber Coming to ChicagoIn the list of cities where JB will perform, the Chicago leg of the tour is slated for the month of October which may be too long of a wait for Beliebers in that part of the world. And it’s easy to see why fans can’t wait to see JB back in action; he recently turned 18 and everyone is anxious to see this cute boy blossom into a hot hunk who will surely be Hollywood’s next talk of the town. Add that to the fact that his voice is changing as he’s maturing, people can’t wait to hear how he sounds in his latest batch of musical masterpieces.

Why Beliebers want to see him first

Given the number of JB’s followers worldwide, it’s quite normal for them to have some kind of competition with each other. Justin is a rare celebrity who just loves to mingle with his fans and supporters. And naturally, it’s instinctive for a Belieber to jostle for position in a race to be the first one JB meets and greets after a show.  Dig deeper if you want to know when is Justin Bieber coming to Chicago for concert?

Another reason why every city is clamouring to be the first stop of Justin’s concert tour is his energy level. It’s a well-known fact that even superstars get tired and no one wants to see their favourite singer go straight to his hotel room after a show.

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