When is the Next Justin Bieber Concert?

If you’ve been wondering about when is the next Justin Bieber concert then you’re in luck as the great Biebster just announced that he will be touring North America in a series of concerts which will kick off in Glendale, Arizona on September 29. Aside from watching one of the biggest musicians of his time perform live; fans should be delighted to know that the bubbly singer Carly Rae Jepsen will be joining him in the tour.

When is the next Justin Bieber Concert?Lucky members of the Justin Bieber fan club were pre-sold tickets as early as May 23 which means getting a membership should be a priority right now if you’re a Belieber trying to hide in plain sight. Great perks and stuff wait for you there especially if you’re so keen about learning more about when is the next Justin Bieber concert.

Worried about where you should catch Justin show off his six-pack while singing? You can channel your anxiety into searching for tickets instead because it’s been reported that all of them were bought in as little as an hour; heck , the New York shows lasted only 30 seconds!

There are 45 cities listed in the tour schedule spanning from September 2012 to January 2013. The final two concerts will be in Florida which should fit well with JB’s plans to blow out some steam after the tour – he absolutely loves the beach! Maybe girlfriend Selena Gomez will join him there which would be truly awesome for folks in the Sunshine State.

And if the bit about tickets being sold out is making you nervous, don’t be, because there are other ways to secure them. Just watch out for announcements about contests that gives away passes – JB’s team does that all the time. However, if luck is not on your side, then better have lots of cash in your hands as surely tickets would surface online at a much higher price. It’s a cutthroat business really but hey, you asked when is the next Justin Bieber concert?

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