How to Get Justin Bieber Concert Tickets?

There are millions of Justin Bieber fans all over the world and they are aptly referred to as Beliebers by the media because like devout religious fanatics, they have blind faith in the Biebster no matter what it is he’s getting his cute and adorable face into. But like so many Catholics who’ve never set foot at the hallowed grounds of the Vatican, the chance to see Justin belt out his hits and strut his cool dance moves comes once in a lifetime for many of JB’s loyal followers. It’s why a lot of people coming down with Bieber Fever want to know just how to get Justin Bieber concert tickets so they can start saving up money to buy them.

Justin Live Concert

how-to-get-justin-bieber-concert-ticketsEverybody knows what he looks like and it’s a good bet that most if not all people have at some point been able to listen to his awesome music regardless if they’re fans or not; his songs are played everywhere these days. Then why is there a need to see Justin Bieber live and in person?

For starters, there’s a world of difference between listening to a record and watching a talented artist like JB perform in real time. The songs are actually one and the same but there’s an element of interaction involved in concerts that don’t exist with playing records over and over again. Then there’s the rawness of emotions that are in full display in live performances which are not seen elsewhere. Justin, like many performers, is in his best element when facing thousands of Beliebers who are his inspiration in making his music. And for these reasons, tickets for JB’s shows are often sold out super fast.

Where and how to get Justin Bieber concert tickets for Free

Justin Bieber is currently among the top crowd drawer when it comes to live shows and appearances. His performance at Madison Square Garden in 2010 was highly anticipated by fans which resulted in a panic rush to get tickets. It’s been reported that the concert was sold out in 22 minutes. This is why many of his followers are often asking how to get justin bieber concert tickets and backstage passes in different online forums in hopes of finding great deals or for the very lucky few some free ones.

So if you’re a Belieber who simply can’t wait to get your hands on a ticket to watch J-Biebs live, you’re probably dying to know where and how to get one. Most of the time concert dates and venues are announced beforehand so that people have the chance to buy tickets. Depending on who is performing, producers and ticket sellers often make sure there’s enough supply to go around. But when big name artists like Justin Bieber come to perform in any city or country, pandemonium often ensues as soon as the ticket sale is announced. It’s why the first thing you should do is find out how much does a Justin Bieber concert ticket cost so you know if have the dough to buy it.

The amount of money you are going to spend on JB concert tickets hinges largely on how much you want to see him. A true Belieber would be willing to pay big bucks just to see the Biebster up close which could run up to hundreds or even a few thousand dollars depending on what venue he’s playing. On the other hand, if you’re running low on budget but still willing to do anything just to see him then you will have to do a bit of “stalking” one which you have to make sure is not the creepy type. Why? It’s because seeing J-Biebs for free will take some hard work as you have to be very nimble in spotting where he’s going to be or someone who is privy to his schedule.

Justin Bieber concert tickets are sold online by various ticket companies, which is the easiest way to get your Bieber fix. Prices vary based on seat locations; the farther you are from the stage, the cheaper the tickets will cost. On average, a Belieber would have to shell out a minimum of $50 for seats that are at least 10 rows up in the stands, away from the stage. But this price is usually offered in big stadiums and arenas where thousands can fit in. But for club performances and intimate venues, the rate goes up to at least $100 for each ticket.

For diehard Beliebers who will settle for nothing short of holding J-Biebs’ hands and kissing his really beautiful face, the only way to truly enjoy the Bieber experience is getting VIP seats right up the very front row where J-Biebs is within grasp while he’s serenading the crowd. This could setback fans a whopping $700 up to $1,000 or even higher depending on the venue. But paying such premium is nothing if only for the chance to go up the stage and sing with the great Biebster or better yet be allowed to go backstage to have a chat with him plus take some awesome photos that would make other Beliebers green with envy.

But getting information about how much are Justin Bieber tickets and backstage passes from the internet is not the safest way to do it. Because of JB’s popularity, hackers and thieves use his name to lure in unsuspecting fans who are desperate to get tickets to his concert. The best way to stay out of trouble is to buy tickets from onsite sellers just before the beginning of the show or get a list of official ticket outlets from Justin Bieber’s production and management team.

If you don’t know how to get justin bieber to come to your school, the best way to find out is to do a careful search online and off. Find other Beliebers and hook up with them; the more the merrier. Not only will it make the hunt so much easier and more fun but it will also allow you to ask for a discount since you will be buying in bulk. It may sound like a lot of work but in the end, staring at JB’s sweet smile is all worth it.

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