Justin Bieber Look Alike

A girl Belieber dreams of one thing and one thing only – to be with Justin Bieber. The odds of the Biebster falling head over heels for a regular Jane is very slim but in the crazy world where Hollywood stars reside, nothing is really impossible. Everybody knows who JB’s current squeeze is and to say that Selena Gomez is a tough competition would be the biggest understatement of all time;  with her great looks and amazing voice, it’s virtually suicide going head to head with her. The question now is – would a girl settle for a Justin Bieber look alike instead?

Justin Bieber Look Alike

Yes, you look like Justin but

Ever since Justin Bieber appeared on the radar of girls worldwide, boys have been trying hard to emulate him hoping they would get noticed as well. Unfortunately for many of them, nothing really beats the original Canadian singing sensation who took the world by storm in 2008 via YouTube. This prompted young boys and teenagers to seek out the help of hair stylists to make their locks look like Justin’s shaggy top. It was one of the earliest signs of the Bieber Fever that continues to rage throughout the globe. It was a crazy time as every male adolescent wanted to be a Justin Bieber look alike.

But looking like J-Biebs isn’t enough to impress girls because it’s not just his looks that appeal to them. They also pay attention to his incredible voice and the way his songs touch their hearts which is really tough to duplicate. There have been some acts that got really close to mimicking J-Biebs but still Beliebers clamored for the real deal.

Bieber’s doppelganger

Despite being laughed at and scorned for desperately trying to imitate Justin Bieber, there are still so many boys who think it’s really cool to have people do a double take just to be sure they’re not missing out on meeting the Biebster in person. But amidst all this hoopla surrounding the teen star and his followers, one person came out and truly shocked the world as the closest thing to the original JB. Ironically, this doppelganger wasn’t even a boy; her name is Dani Shay and fans went crazy that she totally had Justin’s looks plus she could also hold her own as far as singing is concerned.

Shay was a contestant in season 6 of the talent search show America’s Got Talent and she instantly caused frenzy in the show when she was introduced; girls in the audience all screamed as they thought it was J-Biebs who came out. The show’s judges were mesmerized at the Justin Bieber look alike and even more so when she belted out her own version of the hit song “Baby”.

The commotion caused by Dani Shay’s striking resemblance to JB spread out online really quick and it started a debate whether she was really a girl or a boy. The rumors that followed her soon after were not so nice but ultimately she got the break in showbiz she needed, thanks to her looks.


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  1. Hi fans with bieber fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sarah says:

    umm i would like to say that you cant compare justin because no one is as sweet and sexy as him noone can ever compare him i love u justin:)

  3. anabelle says:

    The funny thing is that Dani hates Justin cause he looks so much like her

  4. mariam says:

    hi my dream is to see justin bieber or know his phone number because if any one know his number till me plaese please tell me here in this page
    please please if any one know till me please please

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