Girls that Look Like Justin Bieber

This is it peeps! Justin Bieber has officially taken over the world and he’s turning everyone into what else? Him! Okay, it’s a bit exaggerated but J-Beebs look-alikes are everywhere its crazy! We love Justin and our fellow Beliebers but girls that look like Justin Bieber are totally unreal right? It may sound really weird but they exist – just look at Dani Shay’s videos on YouTube!

Giirls who look like Justin Bieber

We know a lot of boys try to imitate Justin’s looks just to get our attention but most of them don’t come even close to looking as angelic and as sweet as Beebs’ face. But watching Dani Shay perform, with her hair styled ala Justin’s had me fooled for a bit. I totally had goose bumps when I saw her. She was even as emotional as Justin while singing which made me think – whoa! Girls that look like Justin Bieber is really good at this!

We know Justin wouldn’t mind girls impersonating him but what about the girls he’s dating? Hmm, if Bieber and Dani would come out wearing the same outfit, can Selena Gomez pick out which one is the real thing? It would be an awesome experiment and I bet it would be so awkward if Selena picks Dani.

Lady who look like Jbiebs

But the really big question is this – Would J-Beebs consider dating Dani who looks exactly like him? That would be so over the top! Well this only shows Bieber haters out there that Justin is here to stay and the girls that look like Justin Bieber can prove it.



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    I Think you are so cute but I can be your boyfriend

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