What Kind of Phone Does Justin Bieber Have?

For most people, it’s kind of weird to want to know what kind of phone does Justin Bieber have but for true blue Beliebers it’s really important because like so many teens in the world today, the Canadian singing sensation is a techie at heart and spends a lot of his free time online using social media apps like Twitter and Facebook. And since J-Biebs is one busy lad, it’s a good bet that he does his web socializing using a smartphone so he can do it wherever he goes.

Why fans want to know what JB’s phone is?

Girls are always interested in whatever Justin Bieber is doing all because he’s so cute and adorable that they can’t stop thinking about his lovely smile. It’s why they never stop searching for ways to get in touch with him which is why it’s so important for them to find out what kind of phone does Justin Bieber have. But why is it necessary to know what kind he’s using?

First, it’s really cool to be using the same phone as Justin Bieber which, for fans, is an indication that they have the same preference for gadgets. And they really make a good point considering there are so many phone models to choose from; just imagine the delight of Beliebers when they realize they bought the exact same phone the Biebster is using to send out tweets and make calls to his uber lovely girlfriend Selena.

Another upside of using a similar cell phone as Justin Bieber is gaining access to the apps he’s using. Blackberry phones are famous for their emailing capabilities as well as its Blackberry Messenger service that allows people using BB units to send messages with one another for free. The same goes with IPhone’s FaceTime which is a video calling app that Apple offers to its users without any charges. Millions of girls from all over the world would probably go crazy should Justin Bieber decide to share his phone ID and communicate with Beliebers on a daily basis.

JB’s phone

Since Justin Bieber is from Canada, it’s a no brainer that he would be a big fan of Blackberrys because its maker, Research in Motion is based in his native country. While J-Biebs’ focus is mainly on his craft which is recording hit songs and doing concerts, his mom Pattie along with his managers Scooter Braun and Usher do share with him information about the business side; and what better phone to use when exchanging important emails than one of RIM’s creations. Yes, Justin has been spotted more than a few times checking out his Blackberry Curve.

So does this mean JB is no fan of the IPhone? Well, checking emails is one thing and having fun online is another which is why the Biebster also owns the latest Apple phone. And to prove his love, he even launched his own app that’s only available for download at iTunes. Needless to say, he’s making a lot of money from his Apple app so it’s sensible that he also uses an Iphone.



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    If justin has iphone i have galaxy s2!!!thats is not
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