How Rich is Justin Bieber?

Bieber Fever is never going away; bad news for all you haters out there. It’s because Forbes recently announced the top celebrity money makers of 2011 and guess who notched the number one spot for teen artists – no other than the adorable J-Biebs. If there was any doubt about how rich is Justin Bieber, it’s now pretty clear that he is living Richie Rich’s life or maybe even better.

Taking home $105 million in net profits from all his projects, JB has shown the world that he wasn’t just a flash in the pan. From here on out, people are sure to watch out how much does Justin Bieber make in all his gigs and how he spends them. After all, what could be more exciting than an 18 year old boy with all that cash and a really hot girlfriend in Selena Gomez?

While it’s easy to think of ways to spend all that dough, the road to success wasn’t that easy to traverse for a young boy who had no idea that he would be a household name in such a short time. Sure, he got guidance from a terrific management team and his mother but one can only imagine what goes on inside Justin’s mind as he tries to live a normal teen life while also being one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Of course, having more than $100 million in the bank really helps ease the burden of being a teen superstar, a welcome problem for anyone dreaming of becoming famous.

Journey to the top

2008 is a memorable one for Justin Bieber and the millions of Beliebers that follow his every move. It’s the year the whole world witnessed a star emerge from the online video uploading site giant YouTube. It was only by accident that his current manager Scooter Braun clicked on his videos which really intrigued the former marketing executive. After watching all his clips, Braun was convinced that Justin Bieber was more than just a home video star and that his talents deserve a shot at stardom. His hunch proved right and now he’s the man with the plan for J-Biebs’ skyrocketing music and movie career.

When Forbes announced Justin Bieber net worth, it was almost too good to be true. How on earth can a 17 year old teenager earn more than $100 million in a year? Credit goes to Scooter Braun and of course the amazing Usher who’s a superstar in his own right. The R and B singer narrowly beat Justin Timberlake in signing a contract with the Biebster in 2009. His backing made Justin not only the hottest ticket in town but more importantly gave the money people reason to believe that the Canadian teen was the real deal.

A year later in 2010, the first studio album Justin Bieber made entitled “My World 2.0” was finally launched after months of teasing fans with singles like “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl”. The hit song “Baby” topped several music chart lists worldwide and peaked at number 5 in the Billboard Hot 100. The recently released “Boyfriend” is currently J-Biebs’ highest ranking single debuting at number 2 in the US.

Never Say Never movie

So the Biebster can sing and sell loads of albums which, in 2011 reached the 4 million mark and still counting with the soon to be released “Believe” that many critics predict would make his net worth shoot through the roof by the year end. But many people still had doubts whether he had what it takes to crossover other to media forms like movies and TV which many of his peers in the music industry are doing. This posed a big challenge to his management team and to Justin himself, as it’s no longer the norm for musicians to stay put in their comfort zones.

Thus in the wake of his highly successful “My World” concert tour, his crew scrambled to film a Justin Bieber documentary which centered on the days leading to his biggest onstage performance in Madison Square Garden in August of 2010. Bieber Fever in New York was at its hottest with tickets to the show reportedly sold out in record 22 minutes. The movie was aptly titled “Never Say Never” and earned almost $30 million on its first week which is the highest grossing concert film since 1984. It even eclipsed the late king of pop Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” documentary weekend earnings in 2009. The huge box office sales finally erased any qualms about Justin’s legit claim to fame proving that he can make a hit regardless of what media arena he plays for.

A Justin Bieber book

Justin Bieber has done everything that a budding superstar artist is expected to do. He sang to his fans and legions of Beliebers. He packed concert venues full and sold all sorts of merchandise adorned with his name and cute face. He endorsed different products and partnered with various big time brands to further expand the Justin Bieber empire. But one thing is truly remarkable about this oh so adorable teen is his ability to surprise everyone by doing something so far-fetched for his age and stature like writing books.

Yes, J-Biebs is not only a singer and movie actor but a writer as well. In October 2010, publisher HarperCollins announced the release of “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever, My Story” which the teen whiz himself wrote. Aside from sharing fun stories about his life as a teen star, exclusive photos were also included. It’s been reported that sales of the book reached over 1 million copies which was also translated in 25 other languages.

The success of the first book has paved the way for another one which was announced in February by the same publishing company. “Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started” is set to be released in September which would surely send Beliebers in a frenzy once again. All these projects that JB is immersing himself in can easily show just how rich is Justin Bieber and how bright his future is in showbiz.

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