How Much Money Does Justin Bieber Make?

Ordinary teens rarely get asked about how much money they’re making or if they even have a job at all. It’s because by normal standards, kids and teenagers don’t work and should be in school. But teen celebrities are anything but normal with even the smallest thing they do magnified a thousand times by the media and anything that involves their names is instant news. This is why people often wonder just how much money does Justin Bieber make as he was currently ranked first in the Forbes list of top earning youngsters of Hollywood.

Yep, you read it right. J-Biebs is currently the richest teenager among Hollywood celebs raking in over $100 million net in earnings last year. It doesn’t come as a surprise considering the huge following of JB no matter what project he’s involved in. But what is completely shocking is the fact that he did all this at the age of 18 which is not the usual accomplishment of teens his age.

Justin Bieber’s NET WORTH: $105 million

EARNINGS May 2010 – May 2011: $53 million

In 2008, YouTube provided the spark for what would be one of the fastest rising careers in showbiz. A proud mother decided to post videos of his son singing so that family and friends can see firsthand just how good he is. But as it turned out, it wasn’t just people close to her who witnessed the beginning of Justin Bieber’s rise into stardom. His videos went viral and now people are asking how in the world does a young boy earn more money than most people who have been working all their lives? Indeed, if you are not a Belieber there’s absolutely no way you’re buying into the idea of the newest money making machine in town called Justin Bieber.

It’s no conspiracy that J-Biebs has managed to earn more money than the average working person does. Just take a read on Justin Bieber’s Net Worth. And it’s no fluke either as many of his haters often suggests in their bid to strike him down. It could be envy motivating them but then everyone wants to have what he has so it’s no wonder people are asking how much money does Justin Bieber make per year.

In order to understand how a young man like Biebs can make so much money in such a short period of time, we begin by analyzing what he has that so many fans are willing to spend their cash on. When he was first spotted on YouTube, people were amazed at how good his voice sounded. But as his videos were racking up views by the thousands daily, young girls also noticed his sweet and cute looks which lit up the fire that would cause Bieber Fever worldwide. It was only a matter of time until some enterprising soul found Justin and led him to his current path. His manager Scooter Braun watched his videos in 2008 and decided he would be the next big star of Hollywood.

But it would take another star celebrity in the person of Usher to break the promising Canadian singer into the limelight. In 2009, Justin Bieber embarked on his journey to greatness with the release of his first single “One Time” which skyrocketed to the twelfth spot in the Canadian Hot 100 chart within a week’s time. The record breaking success of his songs made J-Biebs one of the breakthrough artists of that year which also sparked an influx of YouTube video uploads from people who were hoping to follow his footsteps and achieve stardom via the internet.

The combination of good looks and great vocals plus the fact that he’s only a teenager has provided JB with everything he needs to become the hottest ticket in town. Many critics often compare his meteoric rise to the king of pop Michael Jackson who also started his career at a very young age. But of course, finding out how much money does Justin Bieber make requires figures that would clearly illustrate how influential J-Biebs is to his millions of fans and Beliebers.

From May 2010 up to May 2011, it’s been reported that Justin made $53 million from records sales and earnings from live performances. It’s staggering even by Hollywood standards but the party is just getting started for the Biebster’s camp. With individuals like Scooter Braun and Usher comprising his management team, it’s a no brainer for them to come up with various ways to squeeze out more dough using Justin Bieber’s name.

Celebrities cashing in on their fame are nothing new in Hollywood and with such a well known face and name, Justin Bieber and his crew would be crazy not to capitalize on it. And in 2011, the mop head singing sensation stretched his wings and went on to make loads of money from ventures that go beyond his bread and butter like signing a 2 year $3 million deal with ProActiv, appearing in a Best Buy Super Bowl Ad for a whopping $1 million, inking a licensing deal with a bed sheet and towel maker company, and authorized a toymaker to make Justin Bieber dolls and accessories.

But for many Beliebers who admire him for his awesome singing and dancing talents, knowing how much does Justin Bieber make per concert is far more interesting as it also shows just how much his fans love him. Based on his My World tour in 2011, estimates show that on average the Biebster takes home about $300,000 each night that he goes on tour. And with 140 scheduled stops in various parts of the world, the tour generated enough money for the teen idol to be crowned the highest paid among his peers in the industry.

These staggering figures should be more than enough for J-Biebs and his mom Pattie to live a life of luxury but since he just turned 18, it’s expected that he’ll earn a lot more. Just consider how much are Justin Bieber concert tickets; ranging from $40-$100 and the number of Beliebers lining up to see him; he has more than 16 million Twitter followers as of January. If that doesn’t make Justin one of the richest stars of Hollywood then surely nothing will.

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