What does Justin Bieber look for in a Girl?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what Justin Bieber look for in a girl? Well, you’re not alone with
that thought. Thousands of female Beliebers out there are just as curious as you are about what sort of
girl catches Justin’s eyes. Well, we just have to take a closer look at all the girls he’s dated so far and see
if we can find out if one of us is next in line. That would be totally awesome!

Seriously though, Biebs just turned 17 in March and we all know who he went out with that day –
gorgeous Disney babe Selena Gomez. And maybe she’s got what Justin Bieber look for in a girl. She’s
pretty, famous, she can sing, and boy do they look fine together! But fret not ladies, no matter how
obvious it looks, both of them are still mum on the true state of their relationship and so we’re free to
dream on. The video below tells you exactly what does Justin bieber look for in a girl – 2011.

Before Selena there were other girls in J-Beebs’ life and as much as we hate to admit it, they are very
lucky gals. I mean, how can you lock lips with Justin and not call yourself lucky, right? And just imagine
hearing that cute voice saying good night just before you go to bed. Whew! Just thinking about it makes
me all the more determined to find out what Justin Bieber look for in a girl.

Justin said that he’s had three girlfriends already and that means he’s out to get lucky number 4. But
wait, shouldn’t that be Miss Gomez? Your guess is as good as mine. There are three names linked to
Justin with information found online. There’s Caitlin Beadles, Shay Miscuraca, and a certain Rebecca.

We should really hate these girls for being so darn lucky to call Justin their man or boy however you
want to put it. Either way, being Justin’s Baby is totally heaven! And to think that they are just ordinary
girls like us can bring hope that what Justin Bieber look for in a girl is not fame or fortune although it’s a
sure plus to have them.

Shay Miscuraca is Canadian as is our beloved Justin so no surprise that they hooked up. Maybe we
should all move to Stratford but then again he’s hardly calling it home anymore. It’s why they broke up
– his busy schedule got in the way of their romance; too bad for her and lucky for the rest of the girls
out there. There’s little information available about Rebecca or her supposed time as Justin’s girl which
bring us to Caitlin Beadles who before Selena is probably the most well known squeeze of Biebs.

Caitlin is probably what Justin Bieber look for in a girl before he became famous. She’s pretty enough in
their pictures scattered all over the web and it probably helped that her younger brother Christian is a
close buddy of Justin’s. He even appeared on his video of the song “Ennie Meenie”. It’s tough to tell for
sure what makes Justin fall head over heels for a girl. He mentioned he was into funny and pretty which
could be you or me right? Until then let’s all keep our fingers crossed and keep supporting his music.

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98 Responses

  1. answer says:

    well justin like funny&smart girls… he likes brunettes the best but he also think blondes r quite good 🙂 he said that age doesn’t matter as long as you 13 or over.. and not taller than him (he’s 5’5”) the girl has to have nice smile and nice eyes :)… but he said he would date who ever he falls in love with so i dnt think it really matters 🙂 hope my answer will help all of you girls out there… 🙂

    • Desi pooh says:

      I really like him but if I know I got a pretty smile in he don’t like it I wouldn’t care at all cuz most of the time I dnt have time for these boiis

      • malekia says:

        I love him and i want to marry him so bad and i want to kiss hom now and have childen with him and keep forever and i and name one of his childs justin bieber and and the girl jasmine bieber

        • Someone with a life says:

          Get a life! This is not going to happen so grow up. It’s okay to have dreams but most of them don’t come true so you should stop wasting your life on this boy and go and find someone who, well firstly knows you and secondly appreciates you for who you are. xoxo

          • i hate justin beiber says:

            well said i completely agree get a life u will never get him in bed or have his kids so find someone more down 2 earth and have a life with them instead xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

        • Sarah lee says:

          Ok I am 12 so I don’t know if jb wil like me but I think he wil cause my fav colour is purple , I am in the 1st team hockey and I am realy good lokking I am not shy I’m smart when I was in gr 4 I took a gr 7 eng exam and got 75 % on the exam and I am realy funny and have a sense of humour and I have a beutifull smile so I hope he likes me and I thank u for your replies it encourages me a lot and I’m a brunette. So hope jb likes me

        • chylyn says:

          I love yhu justin bieber i have a good personally nd i really smart. My date with yhu could really be so much.I could make yhu laugh i am so funny.I am looking foward o to meeting yhu at one of your conerts. I am getting some backstage passes. I love yhu so much i am like your bigger fan.I am a really goosd singer.I am a happy girl i like to party.

    • hannah says:

      im 13 going on 14 love you jb your awesome i have agreat smile and nice eyes an im a brunette im 5’3 and im funny not to smart yet not to dumb so i hope will get to meet soon byy 🙂

    • shamiya says:

      Justin Bieber i am the girl that ur looking for i am

    • nesha says:


    • danielle says:

      I don’t think that you should get peoples hopes up… I mean they looks don’t matter but after while they start looking at size and compar you 2 someone better!! I’m a huge fan of justin but I just don’t believe h
      e will fall for a normal girl like me… I’m soRRy but I’m just being honest!!…

    • Well I’m blo.de 4’8and cute and funny I’d be perfect yeah rite like he would datee some stupid ugly girl like me he would hate me I think well ur answer does help thanks

    • courtney says:

      hey thanx alot that a releif cozim 13 so i have blue eyes i am a brunette so thats lucky also i wanna be a singer and everyone loves my voice xxx

    • angela says:

      I realy like him i got a pretty smile i am 14 i don’t know if jb wil like me
      iam realy funny but idk if he like it but i stil always love him $$ my name is :angela
      i have green eyes and blond hair I hope i’m zn dream girl but think not byee ~xo~
      love himm <3

  2. ive met Justin before and he said i had the nicest eyes he’s ever seen but ..i lost him in the crowd and never seen him again:'( i cry’d every night untill i realized, i’m never going to see him again.

  3. maya says:

    I know I would realy want to be the next one !!

  4. amanda Bieber says:

    i freaking love justin bieber! i am going to marry him and have hIs Kids LOVE 4 BIEBS ALL THE WAY!!

  5. amanda Bieber says:


  6. this is kinda helpfull. please put up more things he looks 4 in a girl!!!!!!!!thanks!

  7. annonymous says:

    A lot of girls would want to be able to be with Justin Bieber I mean i would but thats just me so if u would want to be with him keep ur fingers crossed

  8. shaylin says:

    i love you

  9. shaylin says:

    ii lloovvee yyoouu jjuussttiinn bbeevveerr

  10. savannah says:


  11. raign says:

    u rock and i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nikkole says:

    hi ehm I love people who make me laugh and I also love good personalities but I’m not looking for a wrong selfish boy

    • Find me somwhere in your heart Justin says:

      I also am not just saying this I’m saying this because my right choice of words for yself are if you love some thing let it go and I love jb deep down

  13. me says:

    hearts and kisses should be one of your new songs, i hope you’ll talk about this new song live on t.v. I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t, because I know your busy but deep down i know that you love everyone…..your a gift the best one I’ve ever seen to everybody else and me

  14. your super hot can i be your once less lonely girl or can i get you sweat hottie if no i will date my next door neighbor. please im funny

  15. maria dwyer says:

    hi justin bieber i love you so much i have alot of your stuff like your posters or books and bracelets and shirts to!I love you so much i wish i was one of your friends but i bout that will ever happen!! o i forgot to tell you that i love singing to i watchor movie all the time and listen to your music and watch you on the ellen show all the time and i want to meat you so so bad im inbarest to say this but sometimes i cry because i want to meat you. well thanks for reading justin <3

  16. sofia says:

    i just love him very much. much more than my life. i wanna be his favoriate girl .i never mind if u love me or not but i will love u forever .i will always pray for ur success .i will pray that ur smile be forever .i just wanna talk with u one time on my cell .i will never forget ur all songs forever . i just wanna keep u in my heart forever .thanks for listening my feelings.thank u sooooooooo much.

  17. angelina says:


  18. tasha says:

    I want you naked with me in bed on our first date

  19. mbali says:

    Omg omg omg I LOVE justin bieber I can’t help it he’s cute funny ,d charming I wish he could follow me on twitter ….or accept me on bbm but hey I just guess some dreams won’t come true I case I would like to leave my number here to see if he decides to call ********* I just wish he could call me ….if he did I would be the most happiest girl alive I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  20. samantha says:

    ur dreamgirl is right here

  21. Alyssa says:

    ur dreamgurl is in front of you!;)

  22. Samantha says:

    hi am sammy and i am llike your biggest fan i wish ican ment you in person that will be alot of will you hang out with me sometimse



  25. kate says:

    dont waste your time by loving him…
    You cant be with him


  27. Brittany says:

    ha whats funny is you all think you have a chance with this boy, your sadley mistaken. theres maybe a one in a million chance that you would even get the chance to even talk to him. theres millions of girls out there that would kill to be with him, what makes you think your so special lol. the only thing i would ever want is to just kick it with him an see how he is in real life an not wanna hang out with him because he’s just oooo so hot lol, yall crazy. he’s human i can tell you that, hes just like everyone else. just ask yourself this question. if he wasnt famous an he was just like any other person would you still want to marry him??? you dont know shit about him. you only know what the world tells you, honestly hes just a guy that wants to have fun an be proud to do what he does an everybody is trying to force him to grow up an they need to leave him the fuck alone, we the same age 18 an just beginning in the game. i just wanna punch every mufucka in the face for trying to change him lol its funny. i hope he never forgets who he is an who he comes from, money an fame hurts alot of people my best wishes to you justin keep your head up.

  28. briibaby says:

    i love justin bieber nd i dont like selena gomez at all.

  29. Niall Horan says:

    was up im a belieber all the way and yes i am real ok hey justin (if your ever on) 🙂

  30. I am so sad. and i love you justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. dakshita says:

    i like justin
    becuz he is sooooo much sweet and cute
    i want to come in movie of justin bieber
    i think Justin like selena so much.

  32. talk to me talk to me talk to me babyhehhhh

  33. Angel says:

    I would love always make jb laugh and I will never ever ever hurt his heart I love

    Always love him
    From angel

  34. Emily says:

    I will make you laugh Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  35. brianna says:

    Hey Justin bieber well what can I say I’m in love with u and I’ve never seen u in person before and I love u with all my heart when I first heard of u the minute I saw u on TV I cryed because I wanted to be with u so bad I cry all the time because I will never get to be with u I am very talented I sing I play basketball and also play softball and I have a ex best friend she is in love with u also but Justin my favorite song is one less longly girl I watched never say never and I loved it but I cryed also but I also cryed when u got sick and lost your voice but hopefully can see u here’s ,y number txt me Or call me 8643849559 please I love u Justin drew bieber 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  36. Crystal says:

    I am very strong and pretty. I ten years old. I am also a great singer. You should come to my house to here.

  37. Danielle says:

    Hi Justin I’m a really big fan… I Love you too bits and pieces I know this is weird coming from a normal gal… But sometimes you also just gotta think bout the times you weren’t all famous.. Maybe you’ll find the one you truely belong with… Mwah love you…*

  38. annabelle says:

    heeey justin i need you so bad love you

  39. SIERRA says:

    hey justin whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I really love Justin bieber and i am one of his beleibers please cometo the city of staffordshire thanks

  41. miya says:

    justin bieber all i got say is i love you and your music nd ill bever ever stop loving your style everyone complains about you saging but i things its straight up swagg lmao nd your a hot beautiful and sweet guy nevery change okay i love you <3
    -miya burton

  42. brianna says:

    I love justin bieber im in the city of taxes i love u

  43. yas says:

    i wish that i be a girl but iam nat.
    justin is so handsome maybe he see girl smai or eye and maybe you or me have it but he dont look at this thingsjusst.
    maybi he want to be with selena and if you are a real fan
    let him choes and be happy that me or you be happy .
    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove justin bieber

  44. shania says:

    justin bieber its me shania i can under stand what u went in a girl a i am one of them i am differnet from all the girls in the world believe me i am the girl what u will went. but i know that u will not like me becaues i am not the same color as u i am brown and i speak english and my momy is a haitian. but me sometimes i do not care what people say about me i am who i am i know what i wan to be in life i am good at singing i go to chruch all the time i am a christian. and justin bieber i am one of your fans form day one and i like every thing about you . and i believe in god . soo jb if u want to no more about me go to facebook my name in shania alcenor. and skype too so bye love you and i am the one for you . bye waiting for on facebook. bye love u 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  45. Ashley-c77 says:

    I hate you justin.becuse you dont read these
    Comments.I kill my self for you.cuz u r very cute
    Love forever.booooos

  46. taniah shae says:

    hey ok lets c yall who thinks they will meet him probly wil idk but im so sure he aint gonna be single and he wont date a fan .ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo get over it

  47. Chelsea says:

    Hey guyz my name is Chelsea i love justin bieber like more than the next girl. I hate 2 brag about myself but yeah i think i have a great smile and im kinda the funny clown in the class i think if u a girl thatz over 13 and u have a loving and caring heart you’ll be perfect 4 him i mean i know i am 😉

    • Malyese Hudda Haggerty says:

      Hi my name is Malyese and I have a great smile and I’m funny too…. Well I am a big Justin bieber fan and I love the colur purple and blue!!! I’m very kind and sweet I love animals too!! I have a big family and I have 1 cat 1 bird and 1 giunni pig those are my pets I like dogs too!! I’m loving, caring and nice! Well bye peace out!!! 😉

  48. One Direction says:

    ^ your kinda up yourself xo

  49. jordan says:

    i am a huge fan of him i want to go to his conncert but i do not have any money to buy his tickets:(

  50. One Direction says:


  51. courtney says:

    well i really hope he likes me but im from essex and im british i dont know whether he will like that or not but if we do go out i know where im going to take him where there will be no paparazi and he will feel normal and he can be him the real him and just let himself out and i love you justin and also im not gonna go crazy over you!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 xxxxx

  52. Ange Babe says:

    I love your money, fame, body, face or in other words… Your head to toe because, you are perfect ! My darling :* I’m 10 years older but you see age doesn’t matter. You inspired me to my life ( never say never) and, I will always support you because, that’s what a true believer is 😉 I am proud to say I’m a believer! Te amo

  53. Ashley-c77 says:

    JUSTIN please read this comment and answer me.why?why you are bad boy?please don’t think about devil.you are not bad.every body loves you.youre realy nice when you are good.I love you.please please.for selena if you love her don’t be bad.write a comment

  54. sarah says:

    hiya i just turned 15 like a week ago and im not a crazy fan and i just want you to know keep you head held high and sing like youve never sang befor youll keep making them fall in love with you and you are such a funny nerd <3

  55. Jenna Lima says:

    idk wat i ben told. justin bieber’s good as gold. hes so hot i think im gonna die. hes so hot i think im gonna cry.

  56. paniz says:

    i love justin bieber every time i think a bout he i want talk to he but i dont know how.
    justin bieber sitting in my heart
    but i want for get he but i cant do it.i j.b

  57. Natalie says:

    Omg Justin u don’t even understand how much I love u I am 12 years old and I really want to get floor seats and backstage passes and I want to be ur one less lonely girl…omg I just want to meet you soooooooooooooo badddddd!!!!!!!!!!! Love u

  58. Natalie says:

    Omg Justin u don’t even understand how much I love u I am 12 years old and I really want to get floor seats and backstage passes and I want to be ur one less lonely girl…I just want to meet you soooooooooooooo badd!!!!! U are so hotttt!!!Love u!

  59. krestina says:

    iam krestina.Iam from syria. And i love u soooo much. But i do not know if i have a nice smile and a nice laugh.i am not the one who will say det but i still love. And i know det iys in my dream only but i do not think det this dream is gonna be real. Anyway i love u soo much.:-)

  60. Beverly Barker says:

    Hi Justin i am Beverly and i am 11 and any half years old and all those girls and boys are acting great to you and i wish all those people who have crush on you.You will be gaving them a great support to there LOVE LIFES all i want is to be your VERY BESTFRIEND A GOOD BESTFRIEND THAT will held you to the right way.AND Justin all i want is that and i wish my very lucky wish will come true.And i really want you to read this.I have all the personality you want plsss be y friend

  61. samantha says:

    justincall me@19056150037rightnowplzz urgirlfriend is waiting 4u she is me myname is samanthanicolepardy19 iwant2get engagedw/you doe`snt me mean tht we don`t have2getmarried
    ialwaysloveyou4ever andperpose2me @t theconcert ok silver ringw/ diamands all over princess cut myringsize is8 , iam in the500 row run all thewayup2me longbrownhair/ babyblueeyes / tiny littlesexybody2beloved

  62. samantha says:


  63. samantha says:

    justin iwant2 havesexw/you inbedw/me naked /kissing /giving me
    a bath2getherw/rosepeddles / onthe bed2 callme4tht @19056150037babyboyfriend rightnowplzz

  64. victoria says:

    i have nice eyes a nice smile im a brunette and i love justin beiber i can u make u laugh when ur upset i m the perfect gf for somebody

  65. Crystal*D says:

    Really?u guys are such a fool u guys even didn’t thought that if he wasn’t famous u all didn’t even know him……….. So u all are thinking that he could be yours but he is not cause Selena Gomez have him so …………… And he likes a sweet smile and pretty eyes in a girl (which Selena Gomez have) …………….!

  66. Alii says:

    Wow!! Some gurlz on here are crazy.. Just sayin I’m a fan and would like to get to know Justin but that won’t happen in a million years… He’s got toooo many gurlz on his tail!! Just wanna see good luck Justin and looks like you’re doin good!!(:

  67. laci says:

    my frind love,you so muth

  68. shelby says:

    hey justin this is shelby im 17 going on 18 july 28 1995 im the girl u are looking for and im fun to hang out with.

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