Justin Bieber Smoking Weed?

As one of J-Beebs biggest fans, there is nothing more terrifying than finding out that my idol is a drug addict. I mean was Justin Bieber caught smoking weed? It’s like saying that Paris Hilton suddenly became a nun and donated all her money to charity which, while not impossible is not as upsetting as me hearing news that the ridiculously cute Canadian singer is taking something that would destroy not only his reputation but his career as well.


Does Justin Bieber smoke weed?


Famous celebrities in the past have all been linked to smoking pot or some other kind of drug but there’s a big difference between adults doing it and a young rising star. Justin Bieber smoking weed is not the sort of thing that should be said aloud. Who knows if all that pressure of becoming a world famous celebrity at a very young age has finally gotten to him? Do we condemn such an adorable face for caving in to the temptations of stardom? Well let’s see. This isn’t exactly the first time that Justin’s name has been dragged into scandalous behavior.

Heres a Justin Bieber smoking weed video (allegedly)

There was a recent photo of him in prison uniform being dragged inside a police station which turned out to be a scene from his guest appearance in CSI. I admit it did scare me a bit but nothing close to hearing Justin Bieber smoking weed. In fact, I even laughed when JB himself revealed it was a prank! It just shows he’s like all normal teens who love to make practical jokes.

Pics of Justin Bieber smoking weed:
Pics of Justin Bieber Smoking Weed
Then there’s the Kim Kardashian thing wherein J-Beebs reportedly got a bad case of venereal disease after sleeping with her. That was gross! I never believed it even for a second. I know even Kim K finds Justin cute but she wouldn’t dare risk it and put both their jobs on the line. At least not yet. I mean, JB is starting to turn into a fine young man and I’m sure Beliebers will soon find him so hot and sexy!

Justin Bieber smoking weed is like the greatest insult any fan can receive from a star whom she worshiped for quite a long time. The nasty rumors online that says Pattie, Justin’s mom, is going to post nude for Playboy sounds like a bad joke compared to that. Haters will do anything to bring our idol down but how can a loyal follower withstand their attacks if the person she looks up to is doing things that are beyond crazy?

Even news that reported JB molesting a fan, which is quite a serious accusation, doesn’t bother Beliebers because we all know it’s another takedown attempt. Just look at his face haters! Does he really have to do that to get girls? Maybe it should be the other way around. Maybe it’s him who should feel taken advantage of.

Like all Beliebers out there, I would be glad to get rid of that horrifying picture that shows Justine Bieber smoking weed. It’s sad really and I meant that for the loser who photoshopped it. You got skills we all must admit but all we can say is nice try.

So guys keep it cool, there is no truth in all of this rumor. Jb is as clean as a priest. Controversies like this are just part of being a celebrity just like the previous rumor of “Justin Bieber Arrested“. Lets keep supporting Justin for whatever venture he goes into.

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11 Responses

  1. Servine says:

    That’s not nice Justin and it’s not interesting for your fans

  2. jade says:

    that is not justin bieber smoking weed

  3. jade says:

    yeah like Servine said if that is you it is not interesting to your fans

  4. Dragonninja says:

    U guys seriously need to get a life!! Justin bieber is a nob who needs to b shot! No1 cares about the crap he does, his music is4 gay bois and he looks like bum bandit, no1 shud hav that much money at that age, its taken me 7 years to get £3.6m and because iv had to work hard to get it i respect it. He sings a few gay songs flashes his eye lashes and gets £1m like that. No respect for it at all.

  5. pp says:

    that doesnt look like him

  6. Belieber4Eva says:

    Justin Bieber would never smoke weed. He is just another hot celeberty trying to make his way through the world,but there are A LOT of obstacles in his way to get there. I have to agree,the person who photoshopped Justin smoking weed did do a nice job. But only a true fan would know what the difference between some jerk trying to frame Justin and a the real deal.

  7. Megan McClure says:

    That’s most definitely NOT Justin Bieber, nor is it photoshopped. That’s a picture I took of my good friend, Jacob, one night a year or two ago. It’s pretty awesome that my photograph is getting so much publicity, though! 🙂

  8. Megan McClure says:

    Oh, and that’s not weed either. That’s a Djarum black clove.

  9. iluvjb says:

    if theirs any hot guys out their i need to give a bj soon look me up on fb “skye henderson”

  10. elena says:

    he dosint smoke weed! And btw thats not him!

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