How to Meet Justin Bieber in Person?

Justin Bieber is such an amazing and beautiful person which is why so many girls and even boys want to meet him. His voice is so awesome and boy he is crazy good looking! But what is even more impressive is that his songs are really great and they are infectious that even haters have to admit they can’t stop humming his tunes when no one is looking. And of course, what better way to complete the über cool experience than learning how to can I meet Justin Bieber himself. Beliebers these are the ways to do it:

Here are 5 ways to meet Justin Bieber

  1. Watch his royal cuteness’ concert! Is there a better way to see the beautiful face of Justine Bieber? Of course not! Seeing him is like the best thing but hearing him sing as well as watching him dance is absolutely perfect! His YouTube videos are great but to see him performing live? It’s no wonder so many people cry just watching him. And if that’s not enough, another way how to meet Justin Bieber is catching him after the show. You can scream his name as loud as you can so he hears you. Maybe you can get his autograph or if you’re super lucky get to kiss him!
  2. If you want to engage J-Beebs in a nice chat or you simply wish to send him greetings like everyone on this planet, you can reach him via a bevy of social networking sites he and his management has established for his gazillion of fans out there – that’s you and me included! You can reach him through these links: ,, and  Several fans have successes of contacting Justin in tweeter.   Haters are not welcome!
  3. Another great way how to meet Justin Bieber is to check out his mall tours schedule on his official website, He usually does this to promote new singles or an album. For all you mall rats that’s another good reason to do it. Maybe you can catch Justin on his way in or out and take a photo with him which would put you above most Beliebers out there.
  4. It’s not just Bieber’s amazingly great looks you’re after right? We Beliebers also love his sweet voice which is really cute especially when he’s feeling his song. This is why if you really wanna know how to meet Justin Bieber and get to spend precious time with him, you better stay glued to your radios. Yeah that’s right. Radio stations still rule when it comes to playing the latest songs of great artists like J-Beebs. And what’s more, they also have the power to get singers and celebrities to actually come and visit them. This means a totally awesome chance of seeing the boy wonder in radio stations nearest you. Celebrity guests are often announced beforehand and if you are an avid listener of a radio station you just might convince DJs to invite you over as a way of thanking you.
  5. Finally, one cool way how do you meet Justin Bieber in person is to call his mobile club. Just search for “Justin Bieber mobile Club” in google. No, it’s not his personal number which we all want to have. But it’s the next best thing for Beliebers. It’s the official fan phone line of the Bieber. While you can’t expect him to answer your call himself, there’s still a big chance you might get to talk to him and maybe you can arrange for a date. That is if Selena won’t mind.
  6. Several companies sometime organize a contest to meet Justin Bieber. You have to be very alert with this opportunity since there millions of Beliebers dying to get this chance.  Mtv sometimes held a sweepstake so you could win a date with Justin Bieber himself.

There you have it Beliebers. A rundown of ways to how to meet Justin Bieber, the greatest artist of all time! Eat your heart out haters!

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17 Responses

  1. Dejah says:

    Ill need help doin those things. I have a dream and I belive it can go no where but up from here. Its a big big world and I want to be involved in it. 😉

  2. feauturemrs.bieber says:

    whats his fan site number?

  3. suraksha says:

    I wan’t to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Palwasha khan says:

    I wan’t to meet you bieber;-(

  5. Janessa says:

    I want to meet you call me 6082899123

  6. Ben says:

    Justin pal, I no u probably don’t care but my girlfriend nearly killed herself a few years back and the only thing that stopped her killing herself was listening to you on YouTube, all she wants Is to meet you just once in person so please can you get in touch with me please just drop me an email.
    Yours, Ben

  7. lochlain says:

    i really want to you!!!((:

  8. Joey says:

    Yo Justin I never liked you never adored anything you have done but I guess I got some convincing into me after that bully hero was back stage with you and it gave me hope that you weren’t a shit head so if anything talk to me it might be an interesting conversation and I rather find out straight from the horses mouth so email me at (even though you most likely don’t go on this plea for desperate famious attention excuss for a websight) just a normal guy like you, Joey Schwartz

  9. Ashley-c77 says:

    I love you.please come to iran.i want too
    See you nearly

  10. JustinsShwaty says:

    I really really want to meet you. I’ve been a belieber since the start and I’ll always be one.

  11. Maddy says:

    I absolutely adore Justin Bieber I would really love to finally meet him , I’m not the kind of girl who would yell her face off I would be very excited at first but kinda calm, I’d ask how he’s doing ! :p honestly it could get annoying to him if other girls are always like Justin ! Justin ! Justin ! :p I would never attack him ! It’s just a dream to meet him I hope it happens soon when he comes to Brooklyn, NY this November !! 🙂

  12. rtee says:

    i love u a lot bieber i m girl 4rm a small town but i have a big dream that is 2 meet u hope i nfuture i will get chance 2 meet u

  13. paris says:

    hey i love u justin bieber i really want to meet you its a massive dream oof mine to meet you xx and i think that your accent is cool and soo is your personality i wish that you would come to my country and i think your really cute love you
    from paris xx

  14. Richard Eugene Baird says:

    Dear Justin Bieber
    Hi my Name is Richard Baird i am a boy believer and i really want to see you live and where i live you do not even come close to where i live to see you live i would have to fly to go where you go to see you live and i would if i had the money to do it for sure i am saving up so maybe when i am down in LA you will be performing in LA so i can see you live but right now all i got is to listen to your music everyday we watch your movie never say never everyday because it inspires me on how you can have a dream come true if you believe in your self and do not give up! But my dream is to Big for it to come true, and that is as i was a little kid i wanted to become a event planner for celebrity’s ever seen i was 7 i told my mom that and she told me you well change your mind you do not know what you want to do! and now i am 19 and still want to be a event planner for celebrity’s like for Justin Bieber but that dream is to big to come true! so i better move on and do event planning for something else! Justin if you read this please email me at i would love to talk to you!
    Thanks Your Biggest Guy Fan
    Richard Eugene Baird


  16. SAVANNA says:

    WHAT IS JUSTIN BIEBER”S NUMBER??????????????????????? HE IS REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS AT AT MEANS A-L-S-W-O-M-E HE IS SO COOL …………………………………………………………………RIGHT YOUR NAME LIKE THIS///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////SAVANNA TOLD ME TO DO THIS. IT IS. I LIKE J.B. HE IS COOL . HE IS AT AT MEANS A-L-S–W-O-M-E .

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