What is Justin Biebers Net Worth?

The biggest perk of being a famous celebrity like Justin Bieber is getting paid a load of money for doing something that comes naturally to him like singing, dancing and even acting. It’s everybody’s dream he’s living right at this very moment. And no matter how hard haters and critics try to bring him down, they can only watch him as he makes his merry way to the bank, leaving everyone wondering as to what is Justin Biebers net worth.


Justin Bieber – Richest Teen in Hollywood

J-Biebs just turned eighteen in March and he’s already made more money than what most people will in their lifetime which is a testament to how much fans and Beliebers really love the Canadian singing phenom who took Hollywood by storm in 2009 via YouTube. Like many other celebs before him, it seems Justin has been gifted not only with great talent but with Midas touch as well; everything that’s linked to his name, no matter how remotely has risen in value like gold.

Based on his 2011 earnings, Justin has overtaken Miley Cyrus as Hollywood’s top money maker among teen stars. Some figures reported show that from May 2010 to May2011 the Biebs netted $53 million which is really a lot in such a short period. Even more staggering is the latest report that listed Justin Bieber estimated net worth by Forbes where JB was able to rake in just a tad over $105 million from his projects that made him one of the busiest celebrities last year. And now that he’s currently on a hiatus, everyone’s probably thinking where all this dough came from.

How much money does Justin Bieber make?

While Justin Bieber is known for his hit songs like “Baby” and “One Time”, his millions of Beliebers spend money not just to hear him sing but to see his cute and awesomely beautiful face. And it’s not just to see him in person either. Big companies know all too well how powerful celebrity endorsements can be and with JB possessing one of the most recognizable faces in the world today, it’s a no brainer for many famous brands to pull out all the stops to get him as the face of their products. You could just imagine how much does Justin Bieber make per concert.

As proof of Justin’s massive appeal as product endorser, in 2010 a Canadian manufacturer of bed linens and beach towels Lady Sandra Home Fashions Inc. offered a licensing deal with J-Biebs in coming up with an exclusive Justin Bieber line of products which showcased a lot of purple – his own favorite color. This move generated a ton of buzz from Beliebers who now have a chance to own a piece of Justin Bieber and literally sleep or take a bath with their adorable idol just beside them. There is no doubt now that part of JB’s huge income came from sales of the collection which launched in 2011.

Another brand giant that seeks to capitalize on Justin’s baby face is ProActiv, maker of the famous acne treatment in the US that reportedly paid a whopping 3 million dollars for a two year endorsement deal. If we are to compute how much money does Justin Bieber make per year, it’s pretty clear that he can easily break seven figures and he does it without even singing a single note.

But of course, having manager Scooter Braun and superstar Usher beside him means more opportunities for making cash; Braun was previously employed as a marketing exec while Usher himself is one of those celebrity entrepreneurs who have found a goldmine in turning their famous names into a brand. Aside from being a record producer, Usher has also delved in the fragrance business with his “Usher VIP” scent collection. And it’s no surprise that Justin Bieber’s own perfume “Someday” is already out and is expected to generate millions for charity organizations like Pencils of Promise which the Biebs is an avid supporter.
Still, a celebrity merchandise collection of JB’s caliber wouldn’t be complete without a line of toys, clothing and accessories; after all, Bieber Fever is mainly an affliction of millions of teens and kids around the world so it’s not good business to leave them empty handed. When production of the J-Biebs doll collection was announced in September of 2010, toy stores across America were besieged by orders which meant more profits for the singer’s brand and adding to the net worth of Justin Bieber. One JB doll costs about $30 with a singing version available for almost $40. And on Twitter alone, Justin’s almost 16 million followers account for almost 3% of traffic and even if only half of them decide to buy stuff that bears his name of picture – well do the math.

And if there’s still doubt in anyone’s mind about the Justin’s seemingly incredible net worth of over 100 million dollars, perhaps they missed last year’s Super Bowl where Best Buy paid JB a cool million dollars to wear a spacesuit and spill out a couple of lines, much to the delight of millions of football fans around the world. But all these side projects are merely icing on a very huge cake that represents what is Justin Biebers net worth so far in what can only be described as a phenomenal career.

2011 was no doubt a very huge year for J-Biebs. He went on his first concert tour, “My World” which grossed over 53 million dollars worldwide. And as if that wasn’t enough, he went on to make a documentary style concert movie that highlighted the last 10 days before he made his record breaking performance at Madison Square Garden. The film, “Never Say Never” earned more than 48 million dollars in just two weeks and smashed ticket sales record even beating Michael Jackson’s This Is It. It also became the top grossing musical movie in the US since 1984.

To top things off, JB’s number of albums sold has recently reached the 4 million mark which is a testament to his singing and songwriting talents. And it doesn’t even take into account over 8 million digital downloads of his songs which makes his $105 million net worth not only plausible but also a rare feat for an artist at this stage in his budding career. Another endeavor of J-Biebs and his management team that is expected to boost his value some more is the launching of an IPhone app that features all things Bieber including quiz games about personal info that a true Belieber must know by heart.

Early this year, there have been reports that the young sensation is planning on making use of his hard earned money and become an investor in startup companies. Finally, we can confirm that JB is indeed investing in a startup called Sojo Studios – they intend to create games that encourages “social good” wherein both Ellen Degeneres and Justin Bieber are maketing partners. Their first application called “Wetopia” is highly similar to farmville wherein you create and build villages, and as the game progress you collect “Joy” as their virtual currency which can then be use to donate and contribute to real charities.

Justin Biebers earnings in 2012 is looking to even greater than the previous year(2011), with his upcoming concert tour for his recently released single “Boyfriend” and with his concert tickets getting sold out in every performances, Jbiebs is riding on a very good momentum. Be sure to check our updates on Justin Biebers Concert Tour Dates in 2012.

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