Does Justin Bieber Have a Girlfriend?

I know what you’re thinking girls! Does Justin Bieber have a girlfriend right now? Oh please J-Beebs, Say no! But what can we do? Justin is, after all, a human being like us Beliebers. He also needs to feel how it is to be loved and cared for by a girl. It’s just sad that it’s not one of us.

But before we go on, take note that it’s not the first time our Justin has had a brush with the opposite sex. In fact, he’s been through 3 relationships, can you believe that? Well, that’s not really surprising as we all know how long the lines are for girls who want to be his main squeeze. We’d all jump at the chance right peeps?

And so we go back to the big question, does Justin Bieber have a girlfriend? In 2010 we all saw how JB got close with fellow singer and actress Selena Gomez. And we can’t say we hate her ‘cause we all know just how she’s totally hot. Both of them have denied being officially together or even dating which, as we all know is what all celebrity couples do.

But after a few months of being sighted together on dates, JB and Selena G finally confirmed their relationship in February 2011. The couple are even planning to live together in their own luxurious house, as it was recently reported that Justin Bieber is planning on buying a 10.8 million dollar mansion.  I’m Beliebers are drooling to be in Selena’s place right now.  Don’t worry I’m giving some gift in case you want to know where does Justin Bieber live? Well,  I guess this means we all just have to continue drooling over J-Beebs and daydream that we are in Selena’s shoes.  After all, as long as he’s making really good music and continue to look as awesome as he is, we’ll always be there for our idol. So does Justin Bieber have a girlfriend? You bet!

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7 Responses

  1. seeing that JB is dating SG im so drilled cause my favourite singer is GB n my favourite acctress is SG and also I love her song “Beautiful”she just make me feel beautiful.I love both ofthem,Please JB and SG dont screw this,I believe that this is a match from above.Love you both

  2. Dejah says:

    I love Justin. Cant go a day wit out thinking bout him. Hes inspired me to move and hold on to my very dream: singing and preforming. Im happy ro see him succeed in life. Hope the best happens for him and Gomez.

    • Isabella Craft says:

      That’s nice that he has someone to lean on and great that he is secseeding in life…and I wright music and I wanted his opinion but you don’t get every thing you want. If he heard it he would probably like it

  3. I love you justin bieber. I wish you where here. I wont your number justin bieber. do you like me. I like your music. so answer.

  4. it doesnt mean if you like his music hes not gonna like that lizbeth he likes the personality how she is cool charming fun even the best part he likes the smile of that girl of his dreams and if shes happy justin is happy maybe hes umm whats that word i was looking for …thatwhen someones is in a very bad condition i forgot the word she gets sad for a long time but shes happy for the guy in her dreams
    oh justin beiber your cute and i love all your songs especially boyfriend an maybe ill see you when i grow up cause im gonna be an actress and a singer

  5. morgan says:

    your HOT and CUTE by the way your number !

  6. Maureen says:

    You should kiss salena Gomez you should kiss her on her mouth right now and I love u a lot

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