Selena Gomez Pregnant – Is it true?

Hollywood celebrities always have a way of getting people’s attention and more often than not they do it in the most shocking of ways. But it’s not always what they do that generates buzz. Most of the time, its how the media portrays them that really sticks to people’s minds which in turn gets them in the spotlight. This is why circulating Selena Gomez pregnant pictures can do greater damage to the former Disney girl’s wholesome image than photos of her and Justin Bieber making out in a beach which already says a lot on its own.

Is Selena Gomez really pregnant?

Selena Gomez Pregnant

Selena Gomez Pregnant

If you’re a boy, your heart probably skipped a beat and your jaw involuntarily dropped; who can blame you for getting shocked by news that one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood is about to become a mom and at a very young age at that. Rumors like this is not new for celebrities especially those who are sizzling hot like Selena Gomez. But reports that photos have surfaced that show her pregnancy is a pretty serious matter which should be cleared right away.

On the other hand, if you are an avid Belieber and can’t get enough of Justin and Selena, their having a baby should be an awesome feeling that’s making you giggle uncontrollably as you’re reading this. They are just so perfect to the eyes that seeing Selena Gomez pregnant pictures is like the most natural thing like watching the sun rise every morning. But is this dream really becoming a reality?
If there is even the smallest tidbit of truth to this, the lovebirds are doing a great job of keeping it a secret from the rest of the world which is kind of hard to do after pictures of them getting intimate with each other in Hawaii last year leaked out in tabloids and online. The buzz even got louder when a few weeks later; Selena Gomez was reported to have checked in at a hospital in California after she complained of dizziness and nausea – the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

Everything seemed to go downhill from there until finally Selena decided to speak out and clear the air about what really happened to her. She blamed stress and lack of proper nourishment that eventually led to her breakdown. Apparently, everyone believed the doe eyed lass save for haters who wish nothing but the downfall of Jelena. But what about the persistent rumors that Selena Gomez pregnant pictures continue to circulate online?

The most prudent thing to do is to verify where these stories come from which for sure is the work of someone who really gets off from hurting other people’s feelings. Of course, given how sweet Justin and Selena are to each other, it might just be a matter of time until everyone here is talking about baby names. But until that day comes, Beliebers and Jelena fans should stand fast in support of their idols. Selena and Justin may be two of the biggest celebs today but like everyone else, they also need love and understanding from people who adore them.

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