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Are you Justin Biebers Dream Girl?

Justin Bieber QuizGirl Beliebers all over the world share the same goal – to catch Justin Bieber’s attention which, while not impossible, is really hard to achieve. If you’re one of the millions of girls who believe that it’s your destiny to be with him then you should figure out a way to beat the competition. You can easily do that by finding out if you and J-Biebs share a lot of things in common or not by taking one of the many Justin Bieber quizzes for girls available online.

The idea behind taking such a test is to see how good you really are with all things Bieber. You need to find out if you truly have the desire to know him from the inside out or if his cuteness is enough for you that you’re happy just seeing him from afar. You have to remember that even a famous celebrity like him wishes to be appreciated beyond what he usually does. And by quizzing yourself about the big or even small details of his life, you show that you are worthy of the Biebster’s affection.

But aside from knowing intimate stuff about him, you should also take Justin Bieber quizzes for girls to see if you are compatible with him. He looks insanely gorgeous and sings the perfect notes but can you dig all the other things he likes to do when he’s off the stage? If you don’t see yourself doing some of the stuff he loves then you’re right to stop daydreaming about him. Maybe you should content yourself listening to his records or prowling online to look out for dates of his next concert or mall tour.

How tough is a Justin Bieber quiz?

A real quiz about Justin Bieber should be easy to answer if you are a true Belieber. You should know when and how his adorable face came to be viewed by millions of people on YouTube. You must know what he and his mom had to go through before he became the cutest boy singer on the planet. You must have an answer as to what musical instruments he can play or who his best friend is. If you don’t have a clue on any of these things, then answering even just one of Justin Bieber quizzes for girls is like taking a Physics exam after you studied English all night – a total nightmare!

But failure to pass these really exciting quizzes doesn’t mean a girl is no Belieber. It’s really hard to find accurate information about J-Biebs especially with all the haters out there who try to muddy things up by spreading false rumors about him. It’s a good thing Justin has a big heart both for his loving supporters and bashers alike. He’s always quick to clear things up when something nasty is being reported about him which is not what you would always expect from a teenager struggling to maintain his professional and private lives well balanced. If you can appreciate that, then you’re as good a Belieber as the rest of the girls waiting in line for Justin. 

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5 Responses

  1. Vella says:

    Let’s get the party started

  2. Samantha says:

    hi justin i am your bigets fan and i wish that you can come vist me i am only 10 yearold and i wish that you where my boyfriend if you get this can you please vist me i want more poster of you on my wall! if you do come i mit fant on you or i whon talk i will jump up and down. OH,and i am a tonboy just to let you please write back

  3. srishti says:

    hi justin m ur big big fane . m only 11 years old i wish that you where my boyfriend please write back i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhh :* :* :* <3

  4. davevian says:

    hi my name is davevian ajuna wade but i call my self kelly . When I heared your music I thot you where just a good singer who just thinks about your self but I started to watch your music on youtube and then I found a video with u singing common denominator that was my beats song and ever song that u made tuch me the one that I like the most was when u where singing right next to you . I loved right next to u fjbecause when I was little my sister die or dead over a brain surgery and I did not know how she got is I was heart broken forever but when I heared right next to I know that my sister will be right next to me for ever and I have been a fan of yours justin bieber seens I was little I have been wanting to see u for ever I love u so much for that and I still do we have lots in commn with iyou and I did not know that u love blue and puprler and u love dogd u love sour pach kids like I do if u got touch with the thinks I siad pleas call me at 7206123981love u so much hope u call me p.s can u give me our hone num to me u call I willtell u some more .ummmmmm this is a story about other song that touch me to . Over bord is a good song because I had went to a birth day bash on a boat wich I was so scard to get on because I don’t know how to swim so when the bash had started everthing was going good intel I set on the end of the boat I was so scared because the boat was moveing and I was holding the egae of the boat so I what I did to com down was tosing your song over bored and I was on the boat agina the prate I loved the most was I am over dored and I need your love pull me up I can’t swim on my own. Cal me love u so much justin bieber if u want to read more go on face book to daveviana face book page and after I make some more and put it on there lol bye love u justin bieber so so so so much:-):-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*

  5. dess says:

    hey. justin bieber im a fan i now alot about ypu i would love to meet u some day im 18 years old ur song r beauty and tje beast is very good song and i would love to now how u came up with that i would love it if you wrote me back i love football and chocolates i like to have fun and , to always make sure ur happy im a fan but very relaxed and layed back i j have a very amazing singing voice and i d love for u to hear it firs t

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