Justin Bieber Jokes Collection for the Fans and Haters

Justin Bieber jokes are everywhere its crazy! Everyone’s tweeting or posting them on Facebook, even my dad has his own collection. What madness has stricken people to make fun of such a beautiful person? We all love to have a good laugh every now and then but people can be so mean sometimes that it’s not funny anymore.  But then again Beliebers, we must admit some of them are really good and witty. Maybe it’s just part of being so successful and of course so hot. We know Justin Bieber jokes aren’t going to go away anytime soon. So, we might as well find out more about them.

Me: I need to use a GPS every time I look at Justin.

Mom: Why? 
Me: Because I Always Seem To Get Lost In His Eyes.

Brother: Bieber Is Gay! 
Me: Oh Really? Then please explain to me why “U Smile” Is Your Ringtone. 
Brother: Well I- 

Friend: How can Justin get his hair to stay in one position? 
Me: I guess gravity has the Bieber Fever too.

See? These aren’t so bad Beliebers. Justin Bieber jokes like them are really hilarious but they don’t make fun of Justin at all. And you can bet that JB himself will smile when he hears these jokes. He’s such a nice and charming person that he really doesn’t deserve all those cruel jokes haters just love to make.

Jokes that Really Crack Up Haters

We shouldn’t really leave some room at all for hater jokes but since we’re talking about the meanness of people who dislike JB for no reason at all, it would really help to show what we mean here Beliebers. It’s not that our idol needs sympathy or pity. He’s hot, famous and rich, so of course a lot of underachiever would be jealous, especially if you could grasp how old is Justin Bieber.  And did we mention he’s dating smoking hot Selena Gomez? Here are some really nasty jokes circulating online that really crack up haters of J-Beebs:

In an interview with MTV News, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe said that when he heard Justin Bieber sing for the first time, he thought he was a woman.  That’s ridiculous.  Justin Bieber is not a woman.  He’s a girl.

Police are now using Justin Bieber’s songs as torture devices.

Justin Bieber always sings about girls… she must be a lesbian.

These are the stuff that people find hilarious but they’re actually insulting and uncalled for. But hey, Justin Bieber jokes don’t really reflect the true character of our idol. In fact, it’s only making him more famous and that can only mean the jokes are on you haters!


Why Make Fun of Bieber?

When JB wasn’t as famous as he is today, I bet people didn’t make a fuss about him or his name. He would have been a super hot yet ordinary teen just like everyone in school. But everything changed when YouTube introduced his awesome talent and cute smile to the world. We all went crazy for him Beliebers and that’s when Justin Bieber jokes started to come out.

Maybe the people who make up such things hate him for becoming so famous so fast. It’s really amazing and awesome to think that a super cute boy from an ordinary background can become such a big hit in no time at all. Or it could just be their way of saying, “we love Justin Bieber too but we just can’t say it aloud so we make jokes instead.” Ha! There’s a joke for you haters!

What’s really annoying about Justin Bieber jokes that have been coming out lately is that most of them are really nasty and mean. We dig funny comments about JB’s antics but some people just don’t have a heart and will say anything that they think would be so hilarious. If being so hot and awesome is a crime then maybe the police should arrest Justin so he wouldn’t have to live with all these unfunny jokes. And trust us to be with you J-Beebs when that happens.

Jokes that Make Fans Laugh

Not all Justin Bieber jokes are meant to insult him or tarnish his reputation. There are many fans of JB who make up funny stuff about our idol and we don’t mind that. We can dig that just as we can take the practical joke that Justin pulled off recently – tweeting photos of him in prison uniform which was actually a scene from CSI where he guest starred. See Beliebers? Even Justin knows how to have some fun. But he’s not making fun of other people which adds to his awesomeness!

I’m sure you’re dying to know what Justin Bieber jokes can possibly make fans laugh, right? After all, everyone thinks saying cruel things about JB is so funny so maybe saying something positive is just not possible. Well, it’s totally possible to say nice things about Justin even in jokes and here’s just a few of them from the web:

Me: I Need To Use A GPS Everytime I Look At Justin.

Mum: Why?

Me: Because I Always Seem To Get Lost In His Eyes. 😉
*Mum Rolls Eyes*

Mom: WAKE UP!!!
Me: *doesn’t move*
Me: ahhh!! where!!! *rolls out of bed*

Justin Bieber Jokes

Justin Bieber Jokes

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  1. Dejah says:

    Haterz hate causz they cant make there dreames come true. Sad to say if they were a better sport about JB they could of fifiled they’re very own dreams.

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