Justin Bieber Arrested – The Truth Exposed!

It’s not unusual to hear superstar celebrities get into trouble with the law but when a headline reads “Justin Bieber Arrested” it almost freezes time and stop all movement. What? This can’t be true. But of course anything that involves the teen sensation from Canada becomes magnified considering how fast he became famous. The media has never let Justin Bieber away from their sights since he became a hit in YouTube. And the attention only intensifies as the young boy matures right in front of the whole world. But what madness would drive a reporter or writer to come out with news that says Was Justin Bieber Arrested? Surely it’s not because he’s already rich and famous even before he’s of legal age.

A lot has happened over the years that Bieber fever spread across the world like wildfire. News outfits and paparazzi followed him around and recorded all his moves including his encounters with over ecstatic and crazed fans. They shadowed him on mall tours and live appearances where authorities worked hard to keep things in order which is not so easy to do with such a highly recognizable figure such as the Canadian native. There was even an instance when one of his shows had to be shut down because female fans began tossing underwear which constituted public harassment.So did Justin Bieber got arrested for anything. On the other hand, those who hate him are actually rejoicing should the news become a reality which has yet to happen.

But while the whole world is waiting for that big moment that has had devastating effects on some of the biggest names in showbiz, the media can’t help but make fun of the idea that the young superstar would get tangled with authorities. Parodies and spoofs are everywhere showing Justin Bieber got arrested for different types of offenses ranging from marijuana possession to being an old pedophile disguising as a young musician.

Justin Bieber Arrested

Justin Bieber Arrested

While it is inevitable that things could go sour at anytime with Justin’s career, the biggest blow to his clean and wholesome persona so far has been the incident that showed him giving the pesky paparazzi the dirty finger. Any other celebrity would have gotten away with it but not the 17 year old singing sensation that finally showed signs of being human. The whole thing happened on the 1st of March when Justin celebrated his birthday with Selena Gomez at an Italian restaurant. He later apologized for his misbehavior and moved on with life as a super celebrity. Only time will tell whether if Justin Bieber really got Arrested or if he decides to test how far he can go crossing the law at all.

Nevertheless, we should all give kudos to Justin Bieber who seems to exude calmness and total control of himself despite the obvious struggle between living a normal teenage life and being the famous singer that everyone seems to love. Indeed, it’s not something all celebrities are able to cope up with.

Justin Bieber Gets Arrested

Justin Bieber Gets Arrested



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  1. Dejah says:

    He could do nothing but be extreamly hot enable to be aressted. Honesty hes that hot.

  2. St3v30kin3v0 says:

    Justin bieber isn’t a super celebrity, he’s just a super faggot who will be totally forgotten about in a few years. Who cares if he was arrested or not, people get arrested everyday why is it such a big deal when famous people get arrested.

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