Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? The Truth Exposed!

Update: If you can recall those controversial times when Rumor are spreading about Selena Gomez Pregnant. Those were awesome times.

Well, Beliebers we got an update for you. Just Recently OK! Magazine gave us the latest info about the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Pregnancy Rumors.

If you are a good follower of Jb and Selena, you must be convinced that the rumors regarding Selena gomez pregnancy is not true. But heres the good news, depending on who you ask. At the right time Selena Gomez wants to have a baby with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Got Selena Gomez Pregnant?

Ok! have confirmed from a reliable source tthat Justiin have revealed to Selena that She is the one he wants to marry and the feeling is mutual for Selena. So this might sadden some beliebers but both Justin and Selena wants to have a baby someday.

But at the moment, Gomez is really working hard to get her career going, close friends revealed that She is an intelligent girl. Their relationship are getting stronger everyday but Selena will not allow her self to get pregnant. Although she admits she is fond with kids and could see a future of herself holding a baby Justin Bieber one day. But it will have to wait, she has a thriving career and will have a lot of good things to come.

But as long as Justin and Selena are dating everytime she wears something loose everybody will assume Selena Gomez pregnant, and the rumors will spread like fire again. Just as we love it.

Hearing news about somebody getting pregnant is always exciting. And the thrill meter spikes even higher when the names involved belong to famous people. How famous? Try saying this with a straight face – Selena Gomez is pregnant with Justin Bieber. Yes indeed, it’s Hollywood’s young royalty right in the center of the storm which everyone is so anxious to know whether it’s coming or not.

Being beautiful and famous has a lot of perks but it’s not all good all the time as many celebrities often find themselves trapped in a box full of gunpowder with a very short fuse. Just one spark and everything gets blown to smithereens. This is what Selena and Justin, both young and hot items of Hollywood, are trying their best to avoid from happening. Unluckily, stuff happens that gets people talking and in a snap it’s daddy JB and mommy Selena in the headlines.


Picture of Pregnant Selena Gomez:

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant with justin bieber

And just what is this stuff that’s hounding the lovely JELENA couple? For starters, all of paparazzi land is in frenzy as Disney’s wonder girl Selena G has been spotted showing lots of love to Biebs in public. We’re not judging her for PDA, who can blame her? J Biebs is just so adorable no girl can possibly control herself from kissing and hugging him, even in the face of so many people. So Is there any truth to this rumor? Is Selena Gomez pregnant?

The same goes for Justin who has fallen head over heels for Selena’s sweet beauty right from the first time he laid eyes on her. Haters say they shouldn’t be doing it in full view of the public who sees them as role model for today’s kids and teens. But really, who doesn’t want to see two gorgeous beings expressing their love for each other?

Everything would have been fine and dandy as this behavior could not possibly lead to news breaking out that Selena Gomez is pregnant. But alas even the beautiful people must endure bad breaks from time to time and this happened right after Selena appeared in ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’. The poor thing suffered severe headache and nausea that she had to be rushed to the hospital.

As expected, the media was on her case like a hungry lion chasing after fresh prey. The news went viral online with the story twisted into so many versions that after the hoopla died down; banner headlines screamed ‘Justin Bieber’s GF Selena Gomez is Pregnant’. Individuals who claim to be ‘in the know’ point out that since the lovebirds have been out in the open with their intimacy, it’s not so crazy to think that they have gone all out and that her symptoms just proved it.


Is Selena Gomez pregnant with Justin Bieber?


JB and Selena’s legion of fans all over the world are absolutely thrilled that the cute couple is right on the verge of parenthood – the idea of a baby JB running and dancing to his dad’s tunes is absolutely crazy! But of course, confirmation still needs to be done so the question still remains – is Selena Gomez really pregnant?

If there is truth to reports then the world better brace itself for the coming of one of the cutest babies in Hollywood, what with Justin and Selena possessing two of the most beautiful faces of this generation; not to mention they’re both really hot items in their respective careers.

Talking about careers, if JB and Selena are indeed on their way to becoming dad and mom, the news is certainly going to affect whatever projects they’re involved in. Should Beliebers be worried? Should the fans of Selena say goodbye to her? Doing so would be a bit extreme especially considering that both of them are still very young and they have throngs of supporters who will be there for them through thick and thin.

In the most likely event that this turns out to be a false alarm, then there’s nothing really to get upset about except maybe for the couple’s diehard fans waiting for them to take their relationship to the next level. They’re so cute and lovely together that it reminds everyone of a fairy tale love story – one that should end in happily ever after or in this case them having a really cute and adorable baby.

However, all these talks about an offspring became really serious that it needed to be cleared by Selena herself to end all speculations that were fast becoming out of hand. Right after the hospital incident, Selena Gomez pregnant pictures began surfacing online which, however ridiculous, fueled the fire even more. It was probably a desperate move for some haters who think that becoming pregnant would ruin Selena’s life. Well guess what, it was clear that those pictures were photoshopped and those who believed them were made to look really foolish – how can Selena’s tummy be that big after only a few days of being reported pregnant?

Is Selena Gomez pregnant

Is Selena Gomez pregnant

Luckily, Selena finally decided to speak out and clear the air about the rumor that she’s pregnant with Justin’s baby. In a report published by OK magazine, she said malnutrition was the real reason for her headaches and vomiting. Tests showed that the envy of millions of girls in the world was running low on iron which finally caught up with her so she had to visit the hospital to make sure nothing serious was happening to her body.

But despite confirming once and for all that she wasn’t pregnant, individuals close to Selena swear that the teen’s affection for JB isn’t just for show and that everything we’re seeing from them are for real. This should be comforting for many of JELENA’s fans who want nothing more in the world than to see their idols together for a very long time.

Still, when pressed about the possibility that Selena gets pregnant, the insider is not ruling out anything, especially with how sizzling her relationship with JB has been of late. The person added that Selena is a smart girl and that she won’t allow anything to derail her skyrocketing career which is really good to hear.

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121 Responses

  1. sade says:

    Selena gomez is so gorgeous and she
    is tOo young to think about kids
    She should first further her career
    And as for justin bieber his not
    The foward type he would not make
    Her pregnant his mother won’t be
    Very pleased so I think that all
    The media should leave them alone
    Its there life leave them the hell
    Alone they never do anything so
    Its not your business

    • Wat happened to these two, were they mad to have sex very fast like that
      Why didnt serena get a bf who fits her insted of going with that young boy.

    • Raya says:

      I think that you guys are all wrong! Selena Gomez is not that stupid! Obviously you put her face in all those pics of other pregnant women!! Why are some people so stupid to believe these rumors! Think about how Selena her self feels about this gossip! Besides if she was pregnant wouldn’t she have had her baby or at least if it was a boy or girl!!!!!!

    • Talia says:

      While Selena Gomez is my fav singer and I think that she is amassing and bountiful but way to young to not runine her life but the baby would runine your career and Justin’s Berbers I love you Selena Gomez but plz. Make the right choice.

  2. martha says:

    Selena why are u fat, also don`t kiss him cause u are 18 he is only 17, also don`t have sex

    • Christopher says:

      they already had sex

      • maddi says:

        well we dont no that for sure i mean this is just a scan so the papers can earn more money we all know there together so let them i just think that thi pregnant thing is a scan for papers to get more money. i ssay so my self as a jb fan and A SG FAN!

      • Ginger says:

        I am not a fan of Selena but am a huge fan of Justin I will always live Justin either way.

    • Jasmine says:

      I just pity them

    • sara says:

      shes fat because she pregnant and you dont run her life so you cant what and what not to do shes her own person shes over 18 and makes her own choices

    • Paige says:

      Selena is NOT fat! If you think that is fat, than you must be a skinny little stick! And she is 20 and Justin is 18. They are both legal and let them do whatever they want! Everyone can make their own choices. You can’t tell them what to do with their life! So get off your high horse and see that you are wrong.

      • sofia says:

        yes they are legal,but salena is not so beautiful she dates so many boys and i am not fan of salena but i m the fan of jb and she is not pragnent the are fake

  3. maria dwyer says:

    justin i know your not pregnant with selena gomez and i know you are proboley not going to marry her right please tell me any answer i will still be your fan thanks for reading

  4. Tiffany says:

    I am a huge jb fan but seriously if selena gomez was pregnat she would have been kicked off of Disney chanel for ever so this talk about her being pregnat is so stupid.

    • sara says:

      um no she would not you idiot just cause shes pregnant doesnt meen that shed get kicked out and just so you know im a kid and one of the bigest sg fans ever and i watch disney every day and shes not kicked off so there

  5. Frankie says:

    I hate selena gomez. She isnt pretty at all! So i dont know how justin bieber ended up with her. My mom says their relationship is just staged for the papers. I just wish Justin and Selena would split up. It would be a dream come true for many girls out there! Just saying!

  6. Servine says:

    Justin I love u so much buti don’t think this is good you have been with a lot of girls &selena have been with a lot of boys too so be carefull maybe it’s not your bAby and Selena doesnt like you so thats your chance to choose the way of your life GOooood luck

  7. Daisiee says:

    i dont see how anyone could hate either of them. they are perfect for eachother. they would have the cutest kids ever. i love both of them, they’re amazing! well, haters gonna hate, hey?

    • alex says:

      true i think they are GREAT 4 each other so just cause some people jealous u should not be so mean to Selena but i still dont think they should have a kid yet

    • gabriella says:

      yes they will have beautiful children don’t
      study them and go on with your life…………….

  8. lola says:

    No Selena is not pregnant people who think she is her stupid

  9. love says:

    I like Selena BJ but the stupid news is that selena is pregnant for BJ and BJ is the father those are not true

    • nicole says:

      Ya you shoudn’t judge a photo. Just because selena gomez looks like she’s pregnant dosen’t mean she is pregnant. And they didn’t have sex. And I’m not a big fan of justin b.

  10. peselena says:

    this is so photo shop

  11. Dejah says:

    I glad it is not true:) I wouldnt want JB to make to many of his fans to hurt themselfs just over there relationship. Face it. They date they loose some fans and gane more haterz. They have kidz they wont exist. There taking big risks wit this relationship. Evryone wantz them to be just friend’s. Let’s just see how they will succeed not fall underneath 🙂

  12. Hope bennett says:

    hi i am a big fan of you

  13. selena says:

    selena is pregnant believe it ore not !!

  14. darion says:


  15. S&J Fan says:

    Look…..All u haters buzz off and leave them alone. And whoever photoshop Selena….You’re a fucking bitch!! just stick ur nose out of the ppl’s life…Justin aint want u anyway so it make sense u just leave them alone….I could just kill u!!! Much love to u Selena And Justin.

  16. hannah says:

    if justin is the baby’s father oh well accindents happen im not saying he is or any thing

  17. analisa says:

    i dont think this is real my mom said that. but i am happy she is having a baby. if i was selena i would name her justice. if it was a boy i would name it zacari.

  18. analisa says:

    how can she act now or sing

  19. Wicus says:

    Selena Gomez is not pregnant with Justine Bieber’s child stop talking shit people I know their not ment to be-Justin is cheating on her

  20. vanessa says:


  21. janel says:

    Selena Gomez is pregnant wooow…I’m not believe selena is pregnant…….right fakeeeeeeeee photo

  22. sarah swift says:

    i think you are a handsome guy and i am ur best fan ever i hope u like what i said.

  23. sam says:

    yeah . selena is pregnant guys. be sure

  24. Anti-beiber says:

    False alarm. It’s not Selena who’s pregnant. It’s Justin beiber!! Justin beiber is pregnant!

  25. Zulufah says:

    I wish i was bieber’s mother

  26. angel says:

    Well i think that this is just a photoshop so well think guys. and boys dont be jelous for JB because you boys are the thing that girls love so yeah think about it.P.S you boys can be like justin so the girls will always love you :* Lots of love to Selena and Justin ( love you guys ! ).p.s in lithuanian so please please can you come to Vilnius ok love ya !!!

  27. angel says:

    Well i think that this is just a photoshop so well think guys. and boys dont be jelous for JB because you boys are the thing that girls love so yeah think about it.P.S you boys can be like justin so the girls will always love you :* Lots of love to Selena and Justin ( love you guys ! ).p.s im lithuanian so please please can you come to Vilnius ok love ya !!!

  28. nanaz says:

    I can’t believe Justin made her pregnant, that doesn’t make sense…he is just a teenage, why would he do this really??

    • suzan says:

      girls give him the courage anyways i don’t blame justin cuz he is a man and he just proved it. congrats to both of them. i wish them the best of luck with their new baby to come.

  29. sonni says:

    jb is dumb.selena hates jb.jb is the one who tricked her into it.da

  30. Zahrea :) says:

    i think Selena Gomez is pregnant,,,,, havn’t u seen on dah newz and magazines and on tv on how much they kiss! i mean shit dont u think they at least had sex once? if they did u know she got pregnant. and the camera would not get off of that child! and besides its not like they cant afford an abortion or anything? damn everyonez making a big deal ovah stupid shit

  31. mahsa in iran says:

    oh goooooooooood i cant believe he is just a teenage how?

  32. Sunil kumar says:

    Its all countributution is not right way bucz salina & jisten both r like sun rise but both r choest to rong way.i can’t bleve it


    • deepti says:

      I think ul both be great parents.I love u selena and justin I’m big fans of u both. But I think u could of took ur career I lil further but forget what any one say just move on ur. I hope I gave u. Some encouraging words just move on and don’t look back. Also pls follow ma on twitter @deeptisingh91



  36. quanteria says:

    No i think it’s a rumor

  37. deepti says:

    I think that they should take they career further but if what ever is already done than it done. I no that selena gomez would be a great mother and justin bieber would be a great farther. Ul raise ur child well and I’m sure he or she will follow In ur footsteps . I just wanna say I’m big fans of both of u and what ever happens may the ods be forever in ur favor good luck. Don’t worry about what other negative people say u have ur own mind just do what u have to do..I’ll always be ur number 1 fans to both of ul. Hey follow me on twitter I’m @deeptisingh91

  38. kali says:

    i dont think this is true

  39. kali says:

    it looks so fake

  40. NATILE says:

    i think selena and justin will make great parents but what i realy want to know is if the baby is a boy or girl

  41. Babiecool says:

    I assume that if Justin want to have a child right now is because he can afford it cuz I can say dat Justin is going to get frustrated if it real. I can tell what it takes to have a baby and plz I dnt have one i’m only 14 so dnt misunderstand. People have to wake up back and forth and all i can say is it very complicated. I can also say that i’ll b dissapointed if JB have a child right now cuz it too early. Also, I think about Selena getting pregnant might be false cuz i f it was true it will be alll over the news so people be yah own business. I dnt mean to say it like dat but it will b better if yah think of your future instead of someone who can afford to have baby. Byebye! 🙂 Remember It all my opinion. It not a fact cuz Idk and it a guest.

  42. Babiecool says:

    Plus another thing if they have child together, I think they’ll b great parents. Idk for sure but I assume that Justin should be a great dad and Selena should strive to be a good mother. And plus to young for sex attact. You guys should wait like when you guys can take yah own responsibility. I’m not being rude it just that I love keepin it real.

  43. evel says:

    let lovers be dey r so cute n de’ll have a cute kid

  44. Samantha says:

    if selena is pregnant with justins baby then thay will have a REALLY cute baby just saying!?! <3

  45. Mya says:

    This is so fake Selena is not stupid and I’m a big fan of Selena Gomez so leave her alone. And she is not pregnant that would be a big mistake. And if she was pregnant the baby would be born now.

  46. Selena fan says:

    if selena is pregnant with justin then they will hve a awesome cute baby!! 😀 <3
    btw is really selena pregnant?

    • annabeth says:

      This is so dumb I’m a Selena Gomez fan and am ok with jb but i mean really if they weren’t celebs nobody would give a shit. Calm down theres no way shes pregnant and there baby could be ugly because the genes go five generations back. Who cares anyway its there life.

  47. Avalon says:

    I don’t know if anything is true I’m only 12 so I don’t understand it very well but I don’t think It’s true but nobody knows if it’s true!

    I hope you understand


  48. shania says:

    i do not think that jb have a baby for true omg thats gd but i donot like salana for him that much

  49. TOOCRAZY says:

    this is sooo fake guys the skin complection is waaaay offf.SOMENTHIN CALLED PHOTOSHOP!!!!

  50. Ossshi says:

    u people are SO stupid.

    cant u see the picture is FAKE. Both of them, the girl is 18 and she IS intimate with Justin Beiber.

    so YES THEY DO HAVE SEX but she’s not pregnant.

    Read some magazines with the truth instead of reading these dumb bogus websites with abuncha wannabe’s.

  51. selena gomez says:

    Me and justin had sex it is not a rumer i love him but it was his ida to mot use a condom

  52. Ashley-c77 says:

    Hi my dearling justinI love you so much in
    Iran.i know you are a good boy &you will never do
    This bad work.booooooooooooos(it means kissssss!)

  53. Ashley-c77 says:

    You know every body here love you and youre our best
    Singer.i was with you in my dreams.

  54. Ashley-c77 says:

    Parisa hate you justin she love enrique.but i love you ow goo khoard.

  55. Angelina says:

    Justin your crazy to have sex and not only did u got selena pregnant. U sound be a good boy not a bad boy Justin and u selena need not get pregnant again or not at all. Because l no for myself. I am 18 years old and it is not fun! So don’t get pregnant in the first place! OK!! Love u guy fun with the baby but not to much fun OK!! Love u Justin and love u to Selena. GOOD LUCK U WILL NEED IT.

  56. Angela says:

    No way! it’s just a stupid rumor just look at the pic! is it Selena with that stomach??? no just a photoshop!!

  57. annie says:

    they are alaways in sex i think justin is soft sexy

  58. xAngelx says:

    If Selena is pregnant then that just shows shes not a good role model. Too many teens getting pregnant now a days. Its a shame. I do know that this pic is photo shopped cause obviously if she was that big already something would have been said months ago but that doesnt mean that there is not a slight chance that she can be a couple weeks pregnant. Guess everyone would just have to wait and see what happens. 9 months later no baby then Selena was telling the truth and life goes on.

  59. Me. Problem? says:

    First of all if selena is pregnant why does it matter to people who like justin? Its not like he’s gonna come up to your door and say oh I broke up with selena wanna go out or something
    Second if selena is pregnant then oh well! She’s pregnant she doesn’t need a little immature kid to tell her what to do!

  60. KathyGurll says:

    Ok….all the justin bieber fans…really he is with her an he loves her alot….soo u all r out of the picture….he may marry her but that is his choice…an that isnt her in those pics u gotta be as bumb as hell to even think all this is true…look up her recent pictures of her…she isnt fat one little bitt..Just beiber is a awesome person an yea i am a fan of his but im just not freakin crazie…U ALL NEED TO THINK HE IS JUST ANOTHER PRETTY BOY! THERE R ALOT OF THEM HE IS A GOOD PERSON AN A GOOD SINGER..AN THERE R THOSE AROUND TO U JUST HAVE TO FIND IT…I HATE IT WHEN PPL LIKE MY EX FRIEND MORGAN BRITTENY IVEY THINKS…OH HE AINT WITH HER BC SHE A SLUT IF ANYONE HE WOULD BE WITH ME BC IM PERFECT FOR HIM….THAT IS ALL I HEAR OUT OF HER SPOILED MOUTH THINKIN SHE IS ALL THAT BUT GUESS WAT HE LOVES HER AN IS WITH HER SO IF UR NOT A REAL FRIEND OF HIS STAY OUT OF HIS PRIVATE LIFE AN JUST BE ANOTHER FAN AN GET ALONG WITH UR LIFES.!

  61. jasmine says:


  62. Alexis says:

    Ok, You people need to back of. I don’t agree with them dating but, I love them both and I look up to them. Justin is an awsome person for Selena and they love eachother and I think they put there fans first in this relationship, like when Justin goes on tour you don’t think you would like to have Selena there with him. Even when I look up to them when I need help finding my life and what I want to be Selena is not pregnet, she dose love Justin and Justin loves her, but Justin wants to be someone and have an amazing career. Selena still has music careers and movies to look up to, and so dose Justin. Just because they have dated for a long time dosn’t means we have to jump to a conclusion. Even if they are it might be good for them I mean they’re two new adults, and this could be what they wanted or it could just be what those people out there that belive anything one person says. Selena and Justin are two people that what somthing bigger for their careers and are not ready to start a family, but who cares if she is pregnant let her and Justin be happy that they are going to be parnets. Don’t destroy Selena’s and Justin’s happnies. Love, Alexis P.S. I love you both your my Idols and, I will always look up to you no matter what.

  63. kiara says:

    even if she pregnant it nobodys bissness

  64. God wants us to talk about good things and not all these stuff I mean how can u say selena and justin are ur idols thats justn a sin i mean think about it for a minute or two

  65. God wants us to talk about good things I mean how can u say selena and justin are ur idols thats justn a sin i mean think about it for a minute or two

  66. Isabella says:

    Selena would never get pregnant at this age.. she has to much to look forward to… in her life to have a child.. who ever thinks she has a child is stupid.. and made a big mistake for putting that rumor.. for that is called Cyper Bullys.. and that really needs to stop.. also there very happy togther I am pretty sure she isnt gunna get pregnant for a very long time guys.. if you beleave me.. You are thinking right and not following the trash that is going around… I think they make a adoreable couple and it should stay like that for a long time as long as both of them are happy long live the Justin + Selena go on for a very long time.. also if more trash goes around more justin is hurt more selena crys about the trash that people send to her.. also did you kno there is people makeing facebook’s about her that are bloody.. and have horrable shit about her on there!? do you know how bad that hurts the girl.. I am only 13 and I know alot for my age… but seriously guys I think it needs to stop… there so adoreable togther why would you wanna break something up like that… Havent you allways wished you had something like that… so dont break them up. with all the fire and drama YOU ALL!! Are putting out there.. we should make this bulling stop.. to them 2 lovely couples… if you agree reply thanks for reading 🙂

    • Paige says:

      @Isabella you are SO true! I hate it that everyone wants to hurt them, she always gets death threats and other mean messages from girls that are too dumb to realize – IT’S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! – and if Justin and Selena want to have kids then let them have them! No one can control what they do or when they do it!! They are both legal 20 and 18! So let them make their own choices without thinking that they are gonna lose fans or fans are gonna turn on them and make them look bad! Just leave them ALONE!!!!!!

  67. Karena says:

    I mean is it trew or not if it is not why are they even saying it

  68. Leia Ortiz says:

    i need to meet her too, i love her…

  69. Annasmith says:

    Wow you people are insane if she’s pregnant I will no longer be her fav #1fan I love jb. I have every thing he needs in a girl I can smile really pretty andi can make him laugh every day and I won’t freeze up on him like the other girls do I love him and I will always yes I’m tall but really pretty. I would do anything to date him! I LOVE HIM!jb and Selena I know UR not pregnant I’m on your side your baby with who ever would be really cute or handsome like justin. The boy that’s a part of me and whoa I just researched that were cousins my 5cous whoa ohh maybe we should meet u know with UR mom and dad and friends

  70. Miss_Dior. says:

    i realy happy for selena !! 🙂

    i want also a baby too !

    xx kisses

  71. Selena Gomez says:

    Yes we are having a baby so we have our things

  72. JELENA Fan says:

    You guys r nasty! Talking about if JB and SG had sex! And I definitely think that it would be their business. Not yours. I think they are a great couple. And believe what you want. But domt deny it when someone says that selena actually is pregnant.

  73. jade says:


  74. samnju says:

    Selena dot not have a baby, she found a picture of someone pregnant and put her face on it to act like it was hers baby but she is not pregnant at all. thank you thank you very much

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